The Origins of Killieween

The town I grew up in, Kilmarnock, located in the West of Scotland has many strange and interesting traditions, from the paper roses that the bride to be wears before marriage to the ‘Paper Roses’ that are sung at Rugby Park (the home of Kilmarnock F.C), to the obsessive cleaning of EVERYTHING before the bells … Continue reading  The Origins of Killieween

Single Review: Lori Smith – Record on Repeat / Fighter

Lori Smith is a 15-year-old singer-songwriter from the West of Scotland, and today I’ll be reviewing her singles ‘Record On Repeat’ and ‘Fighter’.  ‘Record On Repeat’ has a nice electronic beat intro, and it flows perfectly into Lori’s tremendous voice. I’m fortunate when reviewing to hear a whole host of musicians of all ages, shapes … Continue reading Single Review: Lori Smith – Record on Repeat / Fighter