Album Review: Paris Hilton – Paris

Paris Hilton is an American media personality, singer, actress, model, socialite and businesswoman. She is also the great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who founded the Hilton Hotels chain, as such she was born into exceptional wealth, and as a result much of her early media coverage was centered around a very specific party girl/heiress stereotype. … Continue reading Album Review: Paris Hilton – Paris

Movie Review: Superman vs. The Elite

It's been a few weeks since I wrote my review of Batman: Mask of the phantasm and apparently in that time I forgot that Warner Bros deal with these movies. It just boggles the mind that the same people that made the looney Tunes brought these epic stories to life. The opening scene in which … Continue reading Movie Review: Superman vs. The Elite

Movie Review: Batman – Mask of the Phantasm

This is by far one of the most iconic movies in the Batman franchise, as well as easily being the best animated Batman film. I was also greeted by a heartwarming wave of nostalgia thanks to the Warner Bros Logo flashing at me during the intro credits. Also it is comforting to note that by … Continue reading Movie Review: Batman – Mask of the Phantasm