Interview with Jane McCurrach (No One Dies Alone Ayrshire)

No One Dies Alone Artwork

First off, tell me about yourself? And the rest of the core team at No One Dies Alone? We have 37 volunteers and 4 board members all made up of a wide range of people from health professionals and managers to ordinary people who have no experience of palliative care.  I am a Soul Midwife… Continue reading Interview with Jane McCurrach (No One Dies Alone Ayrshire)

HBSA – A Call for Volunteers


So I’ve had to take some time away from HBSA (Hospital Broadcasting Service Ayrshire) to sort out some personal issues in my own life but I feel like now is as good a time as any to talk about HBSA and maybe even recruit some passionate would be radio presenters to take my place. Okay… Continue reading HBSA – A Call for Volunteers