Album Review: Grimes – Miss Anthropocene

Claire Elise Boucher, known professionally as Grimes, is a Canadian singer/songwriter and musician noted for their diverse and varied music styles. Today, I will be reviewing their album ‘Miss Anthropocene’ which was released on February 21, 2020.  ‘So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth" (Art Mix)’ opens with a distortion feedback, before bleeding into a … Continue reading Album Review: Grimes – Miss Anthropocene

Single Review: Jenny Banai – Paper Plain

Jenny Banai is a Vancouver based singer/songwriter who describes their music as Living Room Folk-Pop and today I will be reviewing their single ‘Paper Plain’ which was released on August 21st 2020. ‘Paper Plain’ opens soft, with ambient chords melting into light percussion before Jenny’s voice just flows forward, practically angelic, powerful and clear and … Continue reading Single Review: Jenny Banai – Paper Plain

Single Review: Porteau – River Song

Porteau are an Indie folk duo based in Vancouver, Canada made up of Victoria Williams and Craig Stevenson. Today I'll be reviewing their new single ‘River Song’ the first track off their debut album ‘Water’s Gate’ which was out on March 15th 2019. ‘River Song’ opens with vibrant electronic chimes, that slowly mellow out only … Continue reading Single Review: Porteau – River Song

Single Review: The Jins – She Said

The Jins are a self-described ‘Fun Rock’ trio from Vancouver, Canada made up of Ben Larsen on Vocals/Guitar, Hudson Partridge on Bass and Jamie Warnock on Vocals/Drums. ‘She Said’ has some bite to it, a nice challenging back and forth, that works, a rhythm that’s engaging and draws you in as a listener, the actual … Continue reading Single Review: The Jins – She Said

Single Review: BENJII – California

Benjii is an alternative/pop singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada and if you want to find out a little more about him then you can check out an interview I did with him by clicking here. Today though I’ll be reviewing his track, ‘California’ which was released on 4th April 2019.  ‘California’ has a smooth, almost upbeat … Continue reading Single Review: BENJII – California

Solo Musician Interview: Benjii

Tell me about yourself? Let’s see. Raised in the prairies of SK, and have been living in Vancouver now for about 7 years. Quarter of a century old, and have a large obsession with Back to the Future, Zelda, and pizza. I also make music sometimes What Instrument(s) do you play, if any? And how … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Benjii