K-Fest 2019

K-Fest for those not in the know is an annual outdoor music festival in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. It's now in its third year and it just keeps getting better. It will be featuring the cream of the crop in terms of local and home grown talent with acts such as headliners: Elephant Sessions and support … Continue reading K-Fest 2019

Single Review: Twin Heart – Little Death

Twin Heart are a three piece alternative/emo pop band from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire made up of Murray Baxter on Drums, Dawn Baxter on Vocals and Kyle Roberts on Bass. I cannot recommend this band more highly and you’d be crazy to not to listen to it and I haven’t even gotten to the review yet, if … Continue reading Single Review: Twin Heart – Little Death

Band Interview: Twin Heart

Twin Heart are a three piece emo/Alt Rock group from Ayrshire made up of Dawn Baxter on Guitar/Lead Vocals, Murray Baxter on Drums/Vocals and Owen Burt on Bass/Vocals. So first off how did you all meet? Dawn and Murray met at college studying music and started a band, Owen played in a local metal band … Continue reading Band Interview: Twin Heart

EP Review: Twin Heart – Progress: Decline

First let me tell you a little about Twin Heart, according to their Facebook they were officially founded on 15th December 2014 I hope this is true because that’s my birthday and I can think of no greater honour than sharing my day with them and no better present. Even before I heard them play … Continue reading EP Review: Twin Heart – Progress: Decline