Single Review: Kozen – To The Wind

Kozen are a hard rock group from Toronto, Canada made up of Maxwell Kozen on Guitar/Vocals, Simone Harrison on Keyboard/Vocals, Jericho Leal on Guitar and Jared Leal on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing Kozen’s single ‘To The Wild’. 'To The Wind’ opens with a nice little riff, and reverbed vocals that merge into an excellent … Continue reading Single Review: Kozen – To The Wind

Single Review: AlphaCub – Night Heart

AlphaCub is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada and today I’ll be reviewing ‘Night Heart’ the title track from his upcoming LP which will be released on March 22nd 2019. ‘Night Heart’ has a dark, gritty electronic intro which leads into a  really nice beat, that carries you through the song. And Jeez, this song is … Continue reading Single Review: AlphaCub – Night Heart

Single Review: Mindbender Supreme – Challenge Day

Adhimi ‘Addi’ Stewart known as Mindbender Supreme, is a musician and hip-hop artist from Toronto, Canada. He is apparently well know in the Toronto rap scene, where he’s usually either performing or attending. A rapper and music Journalist, Mindbender Supreme has a wide and diverse range of interests and talents both musically and broadly speaking. … Continue reading Single Review: Mindbender Supreme – Challenge Day