Single Review: Danielle Cohn – Various Tracks

Danielle Cohn is a Tik-Tok influencer and musical artist from Orlando, Florida. Who actually first gained prominence on the Tik-Tok precursor before making the transition when the app merged with ByteDance. She currently has 18.5 million followers on the platform, and 2.2 billion likes on her videos. I’ve seen videos from the artist pop … Continue reading Single Review: Danielle Cohn – Various Tracks

Solo Musician Interview: Päter

To start with, can you tell us who you are, a little about you and your favorite flower and why? I’m Päter. I’m a musician based in Toronto. My favourite flower is the hibiscus one, because it’s big and topical and loud. What was the inspiration behind Dam, Damn? I was feeling really cynical on … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Päter