Single Review: Spray – Anthologised by Cherry Red

Spray single 'Anthologised by Cherry Red' Artwork

Spray are a synth pop duo from Lancashire made up of Jenny McLaren on Vocals and Ricardo Autobahn on Synths. ‘Anthologised by Cherry Red' has a rolling intro, that builds really well, and the vocals build on top of it like a big ol’ synth castle. Sorry terrible analogies aside, this track is both well… Continue reading Single Review: Spray – Anthologised by Cherry Red

Single Review: AY Wing – Ice Cream Dream

AY Wing 'Ice Cream Dream' single Artwork

AY Wing is a Swiss born singer-songwriter who is currently based between three cities, namely London, Berlin and Zurich. AY Wing makes powerful beat driven synth-pop and today I’ll be talking about their new single ‘Ice Cream Dream’ which was released in Spring 2018. ‘Ice Cream Dream’ for the purposes of clarity the version I… Continue reading Single Review: AY Wing – Ice Cream Dream