Bewitching Midsummer by Lilian Anderson

Tonight is the night that the fae and magical creatures come to play tricks and cast pixie dust as we slumber, If the bard is to be believed that is. Shakespeare‚Äôs Midsummer's Night Dream has been a favourite of mine for a long time. But for many years before Puck, Bottom, Tatiana and Oberon Midsummer … Continue reading Bewitching Midsummer by Lilian Anderson

Interview with Bryn Owen (Demonologist for Hire)

First off tell me about yourself and your role on the series? My name is Bryn Owen, I'm a writer based in Glasgow. I've been writing various film & television projects for years getting the opportunity to work with companies like BBC Alba and some big indies too. I'm the creator and writer of the … Continue reading Interview with Bryn Owen (Demonologist for Hire)