Interview with Anasthera (Studio Lovelies)

First off, tell me about yourself and the rest of the core team at Studio Lovelies?I’m Anasthera and I’m the Game Director at Studio Lovelies, nice to meetcha! Me, Gof, DiscoDuro, Epik, SaveStateCorrupted, Jape, Benido, Savior of the Eggs, Isaac and Koda are the core people who made the game, and more or less we’re … Continue reading Interview with Anasthera (Studio Lovelies)

Game Review: Game Grumps: Joint Justice

Game Grumps: Joint Justice is a fan made game which sees the Game Grumps, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, who are Grump and Not So Grump respectively, defend Jory (of P.P.I.S.S fame) when he is accused of stealing the 10 Minute Power Hour dinosaurs. The entire game is a parody of the Ace Attorney series … Continue reading Game Review: Game Grumps: Joint Justice