Top 10: Star Trek – Voyager Episodes

Star Trek: Voyager is an American sci-fi series created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor, and is based on the works of Gene Roddenberry. It is a continuation of the Star Trek franchise which started with Star Trek: The Original Series (which aired on NBC from September 8th 1966 to June 3rd 1969). … Continue reading Top 10: Star Trek – Voyager Episodes

Interview with Daniel Korican (STVGP)

So I discovered this project back in early 2017 and as a huge fan of Star Trek in general and Star Trek: Voyager in particular, as well as a supporter of fan-made content I was eager to reach out to the people involved, and fortunately Daniel Korican who is the maker of the Star Trek: … Continue reading Interview with Daniel Korican (STVGP)