Album Review: Chloë Chadwick – Dustbowl Jukebox

Chloë Chadwick is a British pop Singer/Songwriter whose music has a distinct country edge to it, she’s originally from Staffordshire although she’s currently based in Birmingham. If you want to find out more about her then check out this Interview I did with her about a month ago. Anyway today I’ll be reviewing her album … Continue reading Album Review: Chloë Chadwick – Dustbowl Jukebox

Solo Musician Interview: Chloë Chadwick

Where are you from? Staffordshire although I’ve lived all over the uk, I’m like a musical gypsy lol although now based in Birmingham at present. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? 24 years, since I was a little tot. What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Pop mainly … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Chloë Chadwick