Album Review: Watsky – Cardboard Castles

George Watsky, more commonly known as just Watsky, is an American rapper, spoken word poet and musician. He is originally from San Francisco, and has to date released six studio albums. Today, I will be talking about my personal favourite release, Cardboard Castles, which was released on March 12th 2013. This album made up the … Continue reading Album Review: Watsky – Cardboard Castles

Book Review: Exiles by Victoria McNulty

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this right from the author, who may hopefully be contributing to this site in the future as well. Exiles was published by Speculative Books in October 2020. Before we move on to my thoughts, I want to say a little about Victoria. She’s a writer, … Continue reading Book Review: Exiles by Victoria McNulty