Single Review: Grace Gachot – Beast & His Beauties

Grace Gachot is a singer/songwriter from England, she moved to Spain and was largely raised there, before returning to London. She began to pursue her music career in earnest when she turned 17, and has already begun to garner traction and momentum, releasing her debut single ‘Fuckboy Tragedy’ back in September of this year, with … Continue reading Single Review: Grace Gachot – Beast & His Beauties

Single Review: Swimming Pool – April/Quadrox

Swimming Pool are a shoegaze/dream noise band from Seville, Spain and today I’ll be reviewing their singles ‘April/Quadrox’ which was released March 2nd 2019. ‘April’ has quite a harsh intro, that flows through the thrashing guitar into, beautiful vocals, it’s quite an interesting effect, and it certainly grabbed me as a listener, I also like … Continue reading Single Review: Swimming Pool – April/Quadrox

Interview with Mauricio García (The Last Door)

First off, tell me about yourself? Hi, I’m Mauricio García, producer of Blasphemous and CEO of the studio. I’m formerly a game programmer, I was actually the programmer behind The Last Door, our previous game. Tell me about The Game Kitchen and about the team that works there? The Game Kitchen is a relatively small … Continue reading Interview with Mauricio García (The Last Door)