Single Review: Dylan Pinkerton – One That You Love

Dylan Pinkerton is a singer/songwriter and musician from Melbourne, in the south-east of Australia, who produces a blend of folk, pop and soul music. Although this time, with ‘One That You Love’ he tackles a more electro pop inspired tune. The track in question was released on November 4th 2022, and is all about passion … Continue reading Single Review: Dylan Pinkerton – One That You Love

EP Review: Larsen – Second Wind

Larsen are a four piece indie/alt-grunge outfit from Adelaide, South Australia made up of Liam Christensen on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Sam Massacci on Lead Guitar, Steven Massacci on Bass/Vocals and Alex Andrews on Drums/Vocals. Today, I will be reviewing their EP ‘Second Wind’ which was released on 6th August 2021. ‘Eating Me Alive’ opens with a … Continue reading EP Review: Larsen – Second Wind