Single Review: Shelby Merry – Gallows

Shelby Merry is musician and composer from Gallipolis, Ohio who’s music first came to my attention when it was featured as part of the animated TV series, Final Space. She is also the author of Second Planet, which you can find on Amazon. Gallows, the track I will be discussing today is from their album … Continue reading Single Review: Shelby Merry – Gallows

EP Review: EB – Celestial Orientation

Emily-Beth Hill or EB is a couture bedroom pop artist and singer/songwriter from Oxford. This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed their music either, and you can check that out here. Today however I will be reviewing her EP ‘Celestial Orientation’ which was released on December 17th 2021. ‘Drown with Me’ opens with an almost … Continue reading EP Review: EB – Celestial Orientation

Single Review: Anna Shoemaker – Change My Mind

Anna Shoemaker is singer/songwriter, originally from Philadelphia, but currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘Change My Mind’ which was released on the 8th December 2021. ‘Change My Mind’ opens with strings, they create a backdrop for Anna’s phenomenal voice, soulful and rich, you get carried away by her … Continue reading Single Review: Anna Shoemaker – Change My Mind

Single Review: Logan Gilmartin – Magaluf

Logan Gilmartin is an indie singer/songwriter from Perth, for this track he is joined by guitarist Tom McGregor, and the track is being released under the banner of the Scottish music collective and label Mi Familia. It tells the story of a visit to the titular Spanish town, and it captures the energy and vibe … Continue reading Single Review: Logan Gilmartin – Magaluf

Single Review: Bhad Bhabie – Miss Understood

Danielle Bregoli, more commonly known as Bhad Bhabie, is an American rapper and internet personality from Boynton Beach, Florida. She first became known after an appearance on Dr. Phil in September 2016 went viral online. She managed to capitalise on that attention and turn it into a very successful musical career, becoming the youngest female … Continue reading Single Review: Bhad Bhabie – Miss Understood

Single Review: Asian Doll – Twice

Misharron Jermeisha Allen more commonly known as Asian Doll or Asian Da Brat is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas who was the female artist signed to Gucci Mane's record Label The New 1017 Records (formerly 1017 Eskimo Records). She was featured on a remix of Hi Bich, by Bhad Bhabie (another artist we’ve reviewed) … Continue reading Single Review: Asian Doll – Twice

Single Review: Luxe – Circles

Lukas Beynon, known professionally as Luxe is a Welsh singer/songwriter who is currently based in London. His music takes inspiration from dance music artists such Ali Love (from the British/American Electronic/House music group Hot Natured) and South London based singer/songwriter RAYE. Today, I will be reviewing this latest single ‘Circles’ which was released on December … Continue reading Single Review: Luxe – Circles

Single Review: Taylor Simpson – Drifting

Taylor Simpson is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada and today I will be reviewing his single ‘Drifting’ which was released on 26th November 2021 and is from his upcoming debut album ‘Learning to Live with Precious Time’ which is set to be released in January 2022.  ‘Drifting’ opens with a light percussive fill, that then … Continue reading Single Review: Taylor Simpson – Drifting

Single Review: Post Malone – One Right Now

Austin Richard Post, more commonly known by the name Post Malone, is an American Rapper and musician. He apparently selected that name by running his own name through a rap name generator which matched his surname with Malone. He first came to public attention in 2015 following the release of his debut single ‘White Iverson’ … Continue reading Single Review: Post Malone – One Right Now

Single Review: Kylie – Kiss of Life

Kylie Ann Minogue, more commonly just known as Kylie is an Australian singer and actress. She is the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time, and has become popular internationally, having sold 80 million records worldwide. For her impact on pop music, particularly between the 80s to early 2000s, she gained the honorific title of … Continue reading Single Review: Kylie – Kiss of Life

Single Review: Jennifer Porter – Show Me Your Love

'Show Me Your Love' is a comforting winter gift that we need now more than ever! Jennifer Porter is stunning in her performance, and her voice creates a joyful atmosphere that is contagious for all the right reasons! The Maine artist's new single is from her recent album, 'Sun Come And Shine,' released this summer. … Continue reading Single Review: Jennifer Porter – Show Me Your Love

Drink Review: Maison No. 9

Post Malone, first really came to my attention after the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, when I, like most of the population got absolutely obsessed with 'Sunflower' a track he released with rapper Swae Lee for the movie's soundtrack. Since then I've kept my eye on the artist, and so in May 2020 when … Continue reading Drink Review: Maison No. 9

Drink Review: Kylie Minogue Rosé

When you think of Kylie Minogue your first thought probably isn't high quality but affordable wine. Instead you'll probably either think of her decade spanning pop career or her acting roles, most notably as Charlene Robinson, on the long running Australian soap opera, Neighbours or to my mind, as Astrid Peth, in the Doctor Who … Continue reading Drink Review: Kylie Minogue Rosé

Single Review: OOF – Métaphysique (ft. Mike Ladd)

Jaïs Frédéric Elalouf or OOF is a French music composer, producer/DJ, video director and journalist as well as the Founder of the agency, Ping Pong. Today, I will be reviewing his single ‘Métaphysique’ which was released on November 10th 2021 and featured spoken word artist Mike Ladd.  ‘Métaphysique (ft. Mike Ladd)’ opens with an atmospheric … Continue reading Single Review: OOF – Métaphysique (ft. Mike Ladd)

Single Review: Will – Closer

Will is participating in the current dance music craze with his latest production, 'Closer.' The song is a feel-good summer anthem with a joyful vibe that many people will like over the warm months. The tune isn't as predictable as one might assume as soon as it starts. Furthermore, it begins with laid-back energy that … Continue reading Single Review: Will – Closer