Food Review: Chupa Chups Soft Drink (various flavours)

Chupa Chups is a band of lollipop and other confectionery produced by Perfetti Van Melle, an Italian company. Chupa Chups are sold in over 150 companies and in a variety of flavours. The brand was originally founded way back in 1958 by Enric Bernat, and it derives its name from the Spanish verb Chupar, which … Continue reading Food Review: Chupa Chups Soft Drink (various flavours)

Food Review: Fentimans (Various Flavours)

So first, a little about the company, Fentimans are an independent botanical brewery based in Hexham, Northumberland which was established in 1905. Their mascot is the the dog of founder Thomas Fentiman, which is a German Shepherd called ‘Fearless’. Their unique botanical brewing process has remained relatively unchanged for over a hundred years, with the … Continue reading Food Review: Fentimans (Various Flavours)