Single Review: Jake Roberts – Mind Games

Jake Roberts single 'Mind Games' Artwork

Jake Roberts is a 17-year-old indie singer-songwriter from West Lothian, today I’ll be reviewing his new single ‘Mind Games’. ‘Mind Games’ starts off slow, an electronic chord, that builds and merges with the percussion, Jake Roberts comes in on vocals, providing an almost eerie presence, which makes sense considering the name of the track. While… Continue reading Single Review: Jake Roberts – Mind Games

Single Review: HEZEN – Bring Your Alibi

HEZEN single 'Bring Your Alibi' Artwork

HEZEN is a talented singer-songwriter and Electronic musician from Paris but currently based in London, and today I’ll be reviewing her latest single ‘Bring Your Alibi’, a truly electric track which which references the topic of the #MeToo movement and the people who’ve spoken out against the likes of Harvey Weinstein. ‘Bring your Alibi’ has… Continue reading Single Review: HEZEN – Bring Your Alibi

Single Review: Andrew Patterson – Something in December

Andrew Patterson single 'Something in December' Artwork

Andrew Patterson is a Belfast based singer-songwriter and musician and today I’ll be reviewing his Christmas release which was written while he was living in Dublin. The track features a Dave McConnell on string viola. Also keep an eye out for his new EP in early 2019, but for now check out my review of… Continue reading Single Review: Andrew Patterson – Something in December

Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – The Lake

Djana Gabrielle ‘The Lake' Artwork

We now have a review of the single ‘The Lake’ which is powerful song by singer-songwriter Djana Gabrielle, you can learn a little more about her by checking out this interview from a while back and get a better impression of her sound by reading this review. The Lake (June) was inspired by an illustration,… Continue reading Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – The Lake

Album Review: Danny Mortimer – Anything But Silent

Danny Mortimer 'Anything but Silent' Artwork

Danny Mortimer is a singer-songwriter from Scotland, and I’ll be reviewing his latest album ‘Anything But Silent’ which was released on April 17th 2018. It features Danny Mortimer who runs the gamut and plays Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards and Synths and he is joined by Jack Nicolson who’s part of his live band,… Continue reading Album Review: Danny Mortimer – Anything But Silent

Album Review: Derek J Martin – Dreaming Out Loud

Derek J Martin 'Dreaming Out Loud' Artwork

Derek J Martin is a singer-songwriter from Saltcoats, North Ayrshire whose influences include the likes of Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Neil Young and David Bowie. He’s a very talented musician and today I’ll be reviewing some teaser tracks from his upcoming 10 track album called ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ which will be available later this year.… Continue reading Album Review: Derek J Martin – Dreaming Out Loud

Album Review: Steve Hewitt – Bigger than Words (Album Teaser)

Steve Hewitt 'Bigger than Words' Album Artwork

Steve Hewitt is an acoustic guitar playing singer/songwriter from Kent and today I’ll be reviewing some selected tracks from his upcoming album ‘Bigger than Words’ which is due out later this year, and make sure and keep an eye out for it when it drops. ‘Healing & Hurt’ has a nice melodious intro, light guitar… Continue reading Album Review: Steve Hewitt – Bigger than Words (Album Teaser)

Single Review: Linda Em – Wild Fire

Linda Em 'London Irish' Artwork

Linda Em is a London based, Irish born singer/songwriter who covers genres including folk, blues and rock and today I’ll be reviewing ‘Wild Fire’ a single from her latest EP ‘London Irish’ which is scheduled to be released September 21st 2018. ‘Wild Fire’ opens slowly, easing out in a wonderful blend of acoustic guitar and… Continue reading Single Review: Linda Em – Wild Fire

Album Review: Chloë Chadwick – Dustbowl Jukebox

Chloë Chadwick Album ‘Dustbowl Jukebox'

Chloë Chadwick is a British pop Singer/Songwriter whose music has a distinct country edge to it, she’s originally from Staffordshire although she’s currently based in Birmingham. If you want to find out more about her then check out this Interview I did with her about a month ago. Anyway today I’ll be reviewing her album… Continue reading Album Review: Chloë Chadwick – Dustbowl Jukebox

Single Review: Gordon Robertson – Vodka Lemon Lime

Gordon Robertson Promo Photo

Gordon Robertson is an acoustic pop/Jazz musician based in the Glasgow area, he’s releasing his debut single ‘Vodka Lemon Lime’ on the 27th July and ahead of that I’ll be reviewing it to get you all excited about the very talented Gordon Robertson’s music, and if you aren’t excited enough for the release already then… Continue reading Single Review: Gordon Robertson – Vodka Lemon Lime