Haunted by the Past by Tom Neil

I walked through the woods, thick clouds hung in the sky, between skeletal grabbing fingers of bare branches which threatened to pluck them from the sky. The sunlight peeked through, barely illuminating the rough country trail ahead of me. It was late November and a frigid chill had firmly entrenched itself in the surrounding wilderness, … Continue reading Haunted by the Past by Tom Neil

Writing Challenge 1 & 2 by Tom Neil

Creative writing has always been a passion of mine, but even more so since I started this site I've had other priorities and so I've not been able to do as much as I've liked. So I recently decided to challenge myself by taking up a flash fiction writing challenge. You can check out my … Continue reading Writing Challenge 1 & 2 by Tom Neil

Dearest, Darling, Decay by J.H. Laird

So this short story was written by our very own Jenna Laird for Ravenfest, a two day festival which took place on October 29th and 30th 2021. This event celebrates famous American author and poet, Edgar Allan Poe and so entrants were encouraged to write a piece of fiction, approximately 500 words in length in … Continue reading Dearest, Darling, Decay by J.H. Laird

198 Days by Chloe Copland

I ask you to stand up. You don’t believe me. I am taller. Standing close to you, proving my point. I’m two inches taller. A single strand of light brown hair runs along your cheek. I move it away. Holding my hand against the soft skin. Slowly smiling looking deep into your aqua eyes. I … Continue reading 198 Days by Chloe Copland

The Itch by Chloe Copland

They said it starts with an itch. They lied. It was more like goosebumps, it wasn't constant, it mostly occurred when there was a slight breeze in the air, that's how it felt anyway. The feeling of someone watching you from a distance begins to creep up on you, the hair on the back of … Continue reading The Itch by Chloe Copland

Follow the Moon by Thomas Neil

The soft buzzing of the street lights carried well into the night, a perfect undertone to the ebb and flow of the footsteps as people plodded along on the street below. The gracious night had finally come and with it a fresh breeze that filled the air with an assortment of scents, from the decay … Continue reading Follow the Moon by Thomas Neil

By the Pale Moonlight by Thomas Neil

I wrote this for a horror anthology published by Four Horsemen Press, a now defunct indie e-publisher based in Glasgow.