Single Review: Swimming Pool – April/Quadrox

Swimming Pool are a shoegaze/dream noise band from Seville, Spain and today I’ll be reviewing their singles ‘April/Quadrox’ which was released March 2nd 2019. ‘April’ has quite a harsh intro, that flows through the thrashing guitar into, beautiful vocals, it’s quite an interesting effect, and it certainly grabbed me as a listener, I also like … Continue reading Single Review: Swimming Pool – April/Quadrox

Single Review: The Suncharms – Red Dust

The Suncharms are a five piece indie pop/Shoegaze band based in Sheffield made up of Marcus Palmer on vocals, Matt Neale on Guitar, John Malone on Guitar, Richard Farnell on Bass and Chris Ridley on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their single ‘Red Dust’. ‘Red Dust’ builds slowly, a lot of various electronic noises, built … Continue reading Single Review: The Suncharms – Red Dust

EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections

XTR HUMAN have been described as many genres, such as post punk or Shoegaze, my favourite is on their Facebook where they are described as Dystopian Indie, whatever genre they are XTR HUMAN are a three piece band from Berlin made up of Johannes Stabel on Guitar/Vocals, Marco Maccioni on Bass and Andrea Fusco on … Continue reading EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections

Single Review: Nax / The Churchhill Garden – Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)

Nax are an Argentinian based band made up of Nicolás Castello, Juan Marcos Hernández, Nicolás Garimano and Gabriel Hernández. I’ve previously reviewed them and you can check that here. The Churchhill Garden a.k.a Andy Jossi is an Indie guitar pop/new wave/Shoegaze musician based in Switzerland. Today I’ll be reviewing a collaborative track they’ve done together … Continue reading Single Review: Nax / The Churchhill Garden – Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)

Band Interview: Carousel Clouds

So first of how did you all meet? Various places, I've played with Matt for 13 years and used to play in a band with Dickon. Tam and I used to be flatmates. Although everyone had been through the doors of BUSK at one point or another, so that is the common ground. Myself and … Continue reading Band Interview: Carousel Clouds

Album Review: Car Crash Sisters – Sundance Sea

Car Crash Sisters are a four piece shoegaze/Alternative Rock band from Aguascalientes, Mexico made up of Kique J on Guitar and Vocals, Alma Saucedo on Guitar, John Bla Bla on Bass and Noel Legaspi on Drums. I’m going to be reviewing their latest album Sundance Sea, which I was lucky enough to be asked to … Continue reading Album Review: Car Crash Sisters – Sundance Sea