Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

The Howling Lords are a three man group from Stornoway who pump out blues/Rock music, the actually Howling Lords are Felix who does Guitar and Vocals, Jens who does Bass and Eoghainn on  the Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled debut album. ‘Bad for Me’ opens with a building warble that explodes into a … Continue reading Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

Album Review: Hypnossoma – Self-titled album

Hypnossoma are a psychedelic rock outfit from London and today I'll be reviewing their self-titled album which was released on July 31st 2018. ‘Hear The Call’ powerful blaring noise that gives way to a transcendent blend of sounds that managed to sound busy without being overwhelming. It also played around with speed, and let's you … Continue reading Album Review: Hypnossoma – Self-titled album