Single Review: KTL – Home It Comes

KTL is an indie folk singer/songwriter and musician from the Bay area and today I’ll be reviewing their single ‘Home It Comes’ which was released on July 22nd 2022.  ‘Home It Comes’ opens with a soft, acoustic guitar melody, which starts off simple, and builds in complexity very quickly, nothing too much, but just a … Continue reading Single Review: KTL – Home It Comes


So I am a voracious reader, I never quite lost the part of me that as a kid would stay up to read just one more chapter, and then I’d hear the birds chirping and realise that I’d been reading all night and the morning was threatening to ruin a good time. I want to … Continue reading Scribd

Album Review: Watsky – Cardboard Castles

George Watsky, more commonly known as just Watsky, is an American rapper, spoken word poet and musician. He is originally from San Francisco, and has to date released six studio albums. Today, I will be talking about my personal favourite release, Cardboard Castles, which was released on March 12th 2013. This album made up the … Continue reading Album Review: Watsky – Cardboard Castles