Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

The Howling Lords Band Photo

The Howling Lords are a three man group from Stornoway who pump out blues/Rock music, the actually Howling Lords are Felix who does Guitar and Vocals, Jens who does Bass and Eoghainn on  the Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled debut album. ‘Bad for Me’ opens with a building warble that explodes into a… Continue reading Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

Music Review: Quotes of the Dead – Demo Tracks

Quotes of the Dead

Quotes from the Dead are a four piece alternative rock group from Glasgow made up of Lauren Wade on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Brian Blackwood on Lead Guitar, Alex Macdonald on Bass and James Storey on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing some of their demo tracks. ‘Twist Or Stick’ opens fast and builds in both volume and… Continue reading Music Review: Quotes of the Dead – Demo Tracks

EP Review: HVMM – Talk To Me Like I’m Dead

HVMM 'Talk to Me Like I'm Dead' Album Artwork

HVMM (which I believe is pronounced Hum) are a four piece blues/rock band from Worcester made up of Ebony Clay on lead Guitar, Andy Teece on Vocals/Guitar, Jack Timmis on Bass and Sam Jenkins on Drums. ‘Lacerate’ opens with a nice little baseline before the drums and everything else kicks in, it's bloody wonderful and… Continue reading EP Review: HVMM – Talk To Me Like I’m Dead

EP Review: The Virginmarys – Sitting Ducks

The Virginmarys 'Sitting Ducks' Album Artwork

The Virginmarys are an English three-piece rock band from Macclesfield, England. They were formed in 2009 and released several EP’s by themselves before they released their debut album ‘King of Conflict’ via DoubleCross/Cooking Vinyl and Wind Up Records (US) in February 2013. I make it a policy to never review any new material without listening… Continue reading EP Review: The Virginmarys – Sitting Ducks

Band Interview: Redwood Ridge

Redwood Ridge Photo

Redwood Ridge are a 5 piece rock group from East Ayrshire made up of Jessica Hufton on Vocals/Acoustic, Darren McLelland on Lead Guitar, Adam McColl on Rhythm Guitar, Caroline McGregor on Bass and Stuart Robertson on Drums. So first off, how did you all meet? Stuart (Drums), Jess (Vocals) and Adam (Rhythm) all went to… Continue reading Band Interview: Redwood Ridge

Band Interview: Brora Wolf

Brora Wolf Logo

Brora Wolf are a four piece alternative rock outfit from Airdrie made up of Kate MacMillan, Paul Black, Chris ‘Rev’ MacMillan and Chris MacMillan Snr. So first of how did you all meet? Kate (Vocals) - Family and friendship Paul (Guitar)- My wife was brought up with Rev, Kate and Chris as very close family… Continue reading Band Interview: Brora Wolf

Single Review: Soldier On – Get What Ya Need

Soldier On Promo Picture

Before I get started I’ll say a little about the band. Soldier On are a rock group from Ayrshire made up of Johnny Yen (Frontman), Liam Lambert (Bass), Stephen Hunter (Guitar and Vocals) and Ben Prescott (Guitar and Vocals) and they’ve recently released a new single called ‘Get What Ya Need’ This will be the… Continue reading Single Review: Soldier On – Get What Ya Need

Music Review: Redwood Ridge – Demo Tracks

Redwood Ridge Promo Image

A few months ago I decided I wanted to cover more Ayrshire based bands and in my search I came across Redwood Ridge so I messaged them and they were more than happy to let me Interview them, which should be going up soon if you want to check that out. They were also nice… Continue reading Music Review: Redwood Ridge – Demo Tracks

EP Review: Gordon’s Alive – All These Days

Gordon's Alive! 'All These Days' EP Artwork

Gordon’s Alive are a three piece rock group from the south-side of Glasgow, they’ve been together since 2009 and released their debut EP ‘Strange Days’ back in August 2011 which you can check out here on their Bandcamp if you’re interested and I suggest you do because it's smashing. They brought in Tony McCauley on Drums… Continue reading EP Review: Gordon’s Alive – All These Days

EP Review: Emma Durkan – The Girl with the Cloak

Emma Durkan's 'The Girl with the Cloak' Album Artwork

Before I get started with the review I just want to say a little about the woman behind ‘The Girl with the Cloak’ for a start she can play both the fiddle and the Clarsach (Celtic harp) and she’s played gigs all across the UK and as far away as Spain and Sweden. I had… Continue reading EP Review: Emma Durkan – The Girl with the Cloak