Single Review: Two32 – Sensation

Two32 is an R&B artist from Jamaica, Queens and today I will be reviewing his single ‘Sensation’ which was released on 20th June 2021. ‘Sensation’ opens with a staccato percussive beat that blends into a melodic vocal section before the singing starts in earnest. It has a nice, fast-paced delivery which shows both the style … Continue reading Single Review: Two32 – Sensation

Single Review: Riiottt – TN (Freestyle)

Riiottt is a musician and self-described fairy who I first discovered because of Vice. I felt like they had good vibes so I thought I’d review their single ‘TN (Freestyle)’ which was released on March 13th 2020. ‘TN (Freestyle)’ starts off slow with a building synthy tone that rises and fades nicely, merging with some … Continue reading Single Review: Riiottt – TN (Freestyle)