Band Interview: The Party Slogan

Tell me about yourselves? How did you all meet? Where are you all from? Robbie - I’m from the Isle of Skye originally but we all first met in Edinburgh through Gumtree adverts nearly 3 years ago! Calum - I’m from Auchterarder just outside Perth. Moved to Edinburgh in 2016 and decided to leave my … Continue reading Band Interview: The Party Slogan

EP Review: Fistymuffs – About Time

Fistymuffs are a Riot Grrrl/Punk Rock trio based in Edinburgh made up of Suky Goodfellow on Guitar/Vocals, Patty Vea on Bass/Vocals and Nicola Foxx on Drums. They are all graduates of the Edinburgh Girls Rock school and put out songs drawn from their own personal experiences that tackle social issues that many women still have … Continue reading EP Review: Fistymuffs – About Time

Music Review: Second Hand Arms Dealer – Demo Tracks

Second Hand Arms Dealer are a three piece punk rock band from Bristol who take influence from bands like Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Chilli’s, Sex Pistols. They are made up of Jordan Shortman on Guitar, Joe Spurrell on Bass/Vocals and Sam Schofield on Drums. ‘Living’ has a strong, percussive focused intro, that quickly adds … Continue reading Music Review: Second Hand Arms Dealer – Demo Tracks

EP Review: Vulpynes – Self-titled EP

Vulpynes are a two piece Garage/Punk Rock band from Dublin, Ireland made up of Maeve Molly on Guitar/Vocals and Kaz on Drums. ‘Sublingual’ opens with some tight blaring guitars that meld perfectly with the drums. I feel like the opening notes almost announce something coming, as it turns out it was Maeve Molly’s powerful and … Continue reading EP Review: Vulpynes – Self-titled EP