Single Review: Crow Moon – Wickerman

Crow Moon single 'Wickerman' Artwork

Crow Moon are a Glasgow based four piece Progressive rock band made up of Angus Allen, Ben Main, Charlie Grimble, Max Murphy. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest single ‘Wickerman’. ‘Wickerman’ opens fast, with a nice bass and percussive intro, that builds as the song progresses, it manages to maintain a nice pace to the… Continue reading Single Review: Crow Moon – Wickerman

Single Review: Megalomatic – Coil / Civility Smiles

Megalomatic 'Coil' Artwork

Megalomatic are a heavy/progressive rock trio from Glasgow, Scotland made up of Craig McKenzie on Guitar/Vocals, Ben Reffin on Bass and Jamie Barnes on Drums. ‘Coil’ has a deceptively slow easing build that breaks up suddenly into something much heavier, an excellent mash of energy and intense grinding notes. The vocals, both the harmonies and… Continue reading Single Review: Megalomatic – Coil / Civility Smiles

Band Interview: Ambivist

Ambivist Logo

Ambivist are a progressive hard rock band from Ayrshire made up of Sean Murtaugh on Vocals/Guitar, Michael Todd on Drums/Vocals, Paul Miller on Bass and Ross Elias on Guitar. So first of how did you all meet? SM: "Declan (originally a perspective member of the band) approached me in the corridor at school and asked… Continue reading Band Interview: Ambivist

Album Review: The Damnation Project – Reflections

The Damnation Project Album 'Reflections' Album Artwork

Before I get underway with the review I want to say a little about the band. The Damnation Project are a progressive rock/Metal band from Greece, they were formed in Spring 2009. They released their first demo, which included 4 songs in January 2010 and have been working to develop ever since. The lineup for… Continue reading Album Review: The Damnation Project – Reflections