Single Review: Crow Moon – Wickerman

Crow Moon are a Glasgow based four piece Progressive rock band made up of Angus Allen, Ben Main, Charlie Grimble, Max Murphy. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest single ‘Wickerman’. ‘Wickerman’ opens fast, with a nice bass and percussive intro, that builds as the song progresses, it manages to maintain a nice pace to the … Continue reading Single Review: Crow Moon – Wickerman

Single Review: Megalomatic – Coil / Civility Smiles

Megalomatic are a heavy/progressive rock trio from Glasgow, Scotland made up of Craig McKenzie on Guitar/Vocals, Ben Reffin on Bass and Jamie Barnes on Drums. ‘Coil’ has a deceptively slow easing build that breaks up suddenly into something much heavier, an excellent mash of energy and intense grinding notes. The vocals, both the harmonies and … Continue reading Single Review: Megalomatic – Coil / Civility Smiles

Band Interview: Ambivist

Ambivist are a progressive hard rock band from Ayrshire made up of Sean Murtaugh on Vocals/Guitar, Michael Todd on Drums/Vocals, Paul Miller on Bass and Ross Elias on Guitar. So first of how did you all meet? SM: Declan (originally a perspective member of the band) approached me in the corridor at school and asked … Continue reading Band Interview: Ambivist

Album Review: The Damnation Project – Reflections

The Damnation Project are a progressive rock/Metal band from Greece who formed in Spring 2009. They released their first demo, which included 4 songs in January 2010 and have been working to produce more music since then. The band is made up of Ioannis Degdekis on Guitar/Vocals, Manos Skaramangas on Piano/Keyboard, George Melitos on Bass … Continue reading Album Review: The Damnation Project – Reflections