Product Review: Mikado vs Hello Panda

Mikado or as it is known in the non European market Pocky (named for Pokkin or ポッキン which is a Japanese onomatopoeic word for the noise when they are bitten) is a product of Ezaki Glico Co, Ltd. A Japanese food manufacturer based in Osaka. If you're interested, Mikado, Pocky's name in the western market … Continue reading Product Review: Mikado vs Hello Panda

Product Review: M&M’s

So most if not all of you will be familiar with M&M's, but if you're not then they are small, multi-coloured candies, similar in size and shape to skittles. M&M's are made by Mars Incorporated, an American manufacturer of a variety of products including confectionery such as Galaxy, Hubba Bubba, Mars, Milky Way, Skittles and … Continue reading Product Review: M&M’s

Product Review: Koka Noodles

So I want to say before I start that Koka Noodles by and large are among the best Noodle brands out there. Now a little bit about them and the company that makes them. Koka are a brand of instant noodles, available both as packets or cup noodles. They are manufactured by Tat Hui Pte. … Continue reading Product Review: Koka Noodles