EP Review: James McLaughlin – Desuetude

James McLaughlin is a freelance producer, sound designer and audio engineer from Scotland who has been playing and composing music for over 20 years. He has experience working with a variety of different clients over the years and is available for hire now, if you have need of his services head on over to his … Continue reading EP Review: James McLaughlin – Desuetude

EP Review: Nude Wave – The Island

Nude Wave is a London based producer and musician noted for his exploration of various genres including blues and hip-hop. Today, I will be reviewing their EP ‘The Island’ which was released on November 23rd 2020.  ‘Last Night’ explodes forward with a charming falsetto, that blends with a sharp percussive beat, and quickly built upon … Continue reading EP Review: Nude Wave – The Island

Single Review: LZYBY – Frustration

LZYBY is making a mark for himself in modern pop with his latest release 'Frustration'. A track which sings for the modern times, LZYBY grips us instantly with a quality which we do not hear all too often in the contemporary chart. Furthermore, LZYBY finds influence from the greats from yesteryear, but he blends it … Continue reading Single Review: LZYBY – Frustration