Single Review: Leo – Heartbreak

Leo is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter from Portugal and today I will be reviewing his single ‘Heartbreak’ which was released on the 30th April 2021. ‘Heartbreak’ opens on slowly, but building piano chords, over Leo’s wonderfully melodic vocals. Leo’s username on social media is @Leoindreamland, and the tonal quality of this track, the ambient, warm and … Continue reading Single Review: Leo – Heartbreak

Movie Review: The Celluloid Woman (2020)

Today I will be reviewing the short film ‘The Celluloid Woman’ which was submitted to us by director and writer Anantha Krishnan. The movie was released in July 2020, and this review comes with a quick apology, as I’ve had this sitting burning a hole in my inbox for a while, but I’ve finally managed … Continue reading Movie Review: The Celluloid Woman (2020)