Album Review: Watsky – Cardboard Castles

George Watsky, more commonly known as just Watsky, is an American rapper, spoken word poet and musician. He is originally from San Francisco, and has to date released six studio albums. Today, I will be talking about my personal favourite release, Cardboard Castles, which was released on March 12th 2013. This album made up the … Continue reading Album Review: Watsky – Cardboard Castles

Single Review: Untold Poet – Harvey Dent

Untold Poet is an Essex-born spoken word poet/rapper, this isn't the first time we've reviewed him here on Off the Record, Jack Kirby reviewed him earlier this year and you can check that out here. Anyway, today I will be reviewing his single ‘Harvey Dent’ which was released on 23rd April 2021. ‘Harvey Dent’ opens … Continue reading Single Review: Untold Poet – Harvey Dent

The Unknown by Victoria Sullivan

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland Facebook Page by clicking here. It's unknown exactly what brought it Or what it is makes it so fierce Why it has spread through the whole, wide world Bringing heartache, sorrow and tears It's unknown when you … Continue reading The Unknown by Victoria Sullivan

Poem #7 by Lorenzo Dozier

Love is a feeling that cannot be explained, it gives me butterflies and makes me go insane Love don’t have to call me every second of the hour Love just has to care enough, and give us power In all the times we have fought through the darkest nights, Love has always been the shining … Continue reading Poem #7 by Lorenzo Dozier

Spittin by David McGowran

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland YouTube channel by clicking here. How can I feel safe when you're spitting in my street, How can I feel hope without money picked from trees How can I feel conscious without a connection to world, How … Continue reading Spittin by David McGowran

Poem #1 by Lorenzo Dozier

You see I struggle as a black man, keep my problems within. Living the ways of a stereotype It boggles my skin. I get angry with the Fact I am labeled as Ignorance What’s wrong with your mindset? Are you Scared that I’m different? You see I’m tired of the world saying I’m Some kind … Continue reading Poem #1 by Lorenzo Dozier

Author Interview: Fjori Hysa

Tell me about yourself? My name is Fjori Hysa. Born in 1990, from Albania. I graduated from physiotherapy with excellent grades. I love humans, I believe that Female is everything, she is just described,not compared. I also love writing, music, art, nature, reading, philosophy and animals. Now I'm writing my first book and hope to … Continue reading Author Interview: Fjori Hysa