Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

I miss your arms wrapped around me, my blanket on a winter’s night. The warmth and comfort of steaming tea too hot to sip.   I miss the way your hand fitted into mine. We were two pieces of a jigsaw; old and new, that only partially matched. Pressing and crushing harder to fit only … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

Deep Inside by Thomas Neil

Hold the hand that's hard of heart, For they shall not weep if you depart. No tear-filled eyes just a steadfast face, But their heart is racing a pounding pace. Deep inside they feel such sorrow, Missing their emotions and they wish to borrow. Time passes quickly and yet nothing has changed, Once so close … Continue reading Deep Inside by Thomas Neil

Flight on Newborn Wings by Thomas Neil

Bitten broken leaves, Bent from their branches by tiny little thieves. Cocooned and caged as it makes changes for life, Suddenly breaking through like a sharp-thorned knife. First deep breath as it breaks forth to flee, Unexpectedly spinning through the skies so free. Once it felt like it was dying, Now so graceful and beauty … Continue reading Flight on Newborn Wings by Thomas Neil

From the Shadows by Thomas Neil

From within the shadows and faded dark, You passed so close and brought a spark. Once I thought that I was blind, till you held out a hand to find. Do not fear and do not be scared, for we're both unsure of what we shared. I'm finding words to help me say, that my … Continue reading From the Shadows by Thomas Neil

Traveller by Thomas Neil

Having travelled many roads, Burdened by many loads. Rivers rapid at their crossing, Heaving waves with their heavy tossing. The weary desert sun, From the shade we stand and prepare to run. Then comes the heavy darkened rain, The sweet sun lovers bane. So many roads to travel, Soft crunch of foot on gravel. To … Continue reading Traveller by Thomas Neil