Band Interview: Cocoa Futures

Cocoa Futures band photo

So first of how did you all meet? We met through friends really. Friends are good, would recommend. Where are you all from? Scotland, Guyana, Cyprus, Germany, South Africa, Italy and Plymouth. How long have you been playing your respective instruments? Not that long. I switched to a nice synth recently, so I’m just learning… Continue reading Band Interview: Cocoa Futures

Romance on the Number 9 Bus

Irene and John Copland

Who needs the internet to find love? Especially when you have buses! It may not be the most romantic of settings, but it’s still probably better than the dating sites that some of the younger generations use nowadays. It was in 1956 when my Gran, Irene McAdam, first met my Grandpa, John Copland. They were… Continue reading Romance on the Number 9 Bus

Interview with Laura and Niahla (NinetyFour Magazine)

NinetyFour Magazine

First off, tell me about yourself? Laura - I am a graduate of UWS, I studied Digital Art & Design and I am currently working in London as a Graphic Designer for two big fashion house while balancing my side hustle… and social life haha! Niahla - I am in my 4th year of a… Continue reading Interview with Laura and Niahla (NinetyFour Magazine)

Interview with Laura Vaughn (The Creators’ Tribe)

The Creators Tribe Logo

First off, tell me about yourself? I am a computer engineer, recently turned digital nomad. I am passionate about healthy living, books, and most of all I love exploring new cultures and meeting people from all over the world. And tell me about the Creators Tribe, what services do you offer if any? The Creators’… Continue reading Interview with Laura Vaughn (The Creators’ Tribe)

Single Review: Voice of Aiko – Prescription Dream

Voice of Aiko - Prescription Dream Artwork

Voice of Aiko are creative collective, who according to their site “Give the silenced a voice” and are “Opening minds and hearts through the power of beautiful art” both of which are laudable goals and they certainly manage that with this track, I will add that this was my first exposure to the group but… Continue reading Single Review: Voice of Aiko – Prescription Dream

Single Review: The Somedays – Knockout

The Somedays - Knockout Artwork

The Somedays are a London based, Five Piece Indie Group made up of Vittorio Jacobacci on Vocals, Eugenio Jacobacci on Guitar, Jerome Rupf on Guitar, Matt Miller on Bass and Eliseo Provezza on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their new single ‘Knockout’. ‘Knockout’ opens with a tight little guitar riff, that’s got a lot of… Continue reading Single Review: The Somedays – Knockout

Solo Musician Interview: Royal

Royal Photo

Where are you from? I am from Canada - born in Oshawa, Ontario but raised in Vernon, British Columbia. Vernon has a very small-town vibe to it and is known for its beauty and weather. I am very happy that my parents decided to move us there when we were young so that we could… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Royal

Solo Musician Interview: Daniel Shaw

Daniel Shaw Photo

Where are you from? I’m from Melbourne, Australia. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? I have been playing piano for 14 years. My dad started me off and then I received classical training, completing all my exams up to my Associate Diploma in Music (AmusA). Guitar was the second instrument I took… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Daniel Shaw

Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

They Called Him Zone 'I Want Love' Artwork

They Called Him Zone are a three piece Electro Pop/Rock from the City of Bradford made up of Mik Davis on Vocals, Drones and Production, Steve Maloney on Vocals, Guitar and Production and Cat McLaughlan on Vocals/ Bass. ‘I Want Love’ opens with a dark synth theme, that comes in waves, up and down, it… Continue reading Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Harker Moon 'Muma Says' Artwork

Harker Moon are a five piece soul/rock and roll group from London made up of Tommy Down on Guitar/ Vocals, Hal Briggs on Bass, Olly Jay on Guitar, Joe Caplin on Piano and Ben Phillips on Drums. ‘Muma Says’ opens slowly, some gentle keys, supporting Tommy Down’s voice well, it doesn’t take long for the… Continue reading Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says