Single Review: Meghan Trainor – Made You Look

Meghan Trainor is an American singer/songwriter and musician from Nantucket, Massachusetts, who first gained popularity after her debut single ‘All About That Bass’ reached number 1 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, with the song subsequently selling 11 million copies worldwide. Her work has been praised for often featuring themes about modern womanhood, dealing … Continue reading Single Review: Meghan Trainor – Made You Look

Grief By Lilian Anderson

In the UK and Western society, we don’t talk about death. We sugar-coat it in euphemisms and whispers. I didn’t lose my parents, I didn't set them down in the park, get distracted and walk away. Death dragged the two most beautiful, kind, caring, vital people I've ever known away. Cancer lay in wait all … Continue reading Grief By Lilian Anderson

Single Review: Grace Gachot – Beast & His Beauties

Grace Gachot is a singer/songwriter from England, she moved to Spain and was largely raised there, before returning to London. She began to pursue her music career in earnest when she turned 17, and has already begun to garner traction and momentum, releasing her debut single ‘Fuckboy Tragedy’ back in September of this year, with … Continue reading Single Review: Grace Gachot – Beast & His Beauties

Single Review: Jonah Kagen – Graveyard Shift

Jonah Kagen is a 22-year old singer/songwriter and musician. He is originally from Savannah, Georgia, but is now based in Los Angeles, California. He first began his journey as a musician after his grandfather, a Jazz musician, introduced him to the music. He subsequently developed his interest, after seeing performances by highly technical guitar player, … Continue reading Single Review: Jonah Kagen – Graveyard Shift

Single Review: Pollyanna Blue – Haunted 

Pollyanna Blue are an alt-rock duo from Bristol, made up of Zoe Collins on Guitar/Vocals and Rich Earle on Bass/Vocals. The name was apparently inspired by a self help book called ‘Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway’, the book makes reference to something called a ‘Pollyanna’ which is a name given to someone who … Continue reading Single Review: Pollyanna Blue – Haunted 

Single Review: Dylan Pinkerton – One That You Love

Dylan Pinkerton is a singer/songwriter and musician from Melbourne, in the south-east of Australia, who produces a blend of folk, pop and soul music. Although this time, with ‘One That You Love’ he tackles a more electro pop inspired tune. The track in question was released on November 4th 2022, and is all about passion … Continue reading Single Review: Dylan Pinkerton – One That You Love

Single Review: Emily Mac – Whiskey Like Me

Emily Mac is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, whose music embodies the vibrant and rebellious rock ‘n’ roll spirit of rock divas, like Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson. Today, I will be reviewing her debut song ‘Whiskey Like Me’ which was co-written by Jay Stolar (noted for working with artists such as Selena Gomez … Continue reading Single Review: Emily Mac – Whiskey Like Me

Single Review: Evelyn Laurie – Forever Autumn (Cover)

Evelyn Laurie is a singer/songwriter from Paisley, in Scotland, and while her style of music encompasses a variety of genres she is perhaps most comfortable performing Jazz infused melodies. I’ve previously reviewed her debut album ‘A Little Bit of Me’ back in early 2019, which you can check out here if you are interested. While … Continue reading Single Review: Evelyn Laurie – Forever Autumn (Cover)

Single Review: Nell Davies – Repeat After Me

Nell Davies is an indie singer/songwriter and guitarist, who is based in the west of Cornwall. Her music is a DIY production, and she actually records all of her music in a converted pigsty on her property, near Penzance. Nell talks about how this indie pop song is about being replaced, that moment when someone … Continue reading Single Review: Nell Davies – Repeat After Me

Single Review: Stefano May – Crazy

Stefano May is an Italian born, Miami based musician, both a singer/songwriter and highly talented, classically trained pianist, their background helps to shape the music they create, which blends soul, pop and classical into one fluid composition. Weird coincidence, but this review will be going up alongside another Miami based musician, Moonlight Jones, and you … Continue reading Single Review: Stefano May – Crazy

Single Review: Moonlight Jones – Whatcha Doin’ To Me

Moonlight Jones is a Miami based singer/songwriter and guitarist who performs his own unique genre of music called ‘Cosmic Soul’ which draws from multiple influences including Latin inspired rhythms, especially Flamenco music, as well as R&B and Rock. Today I will be reviewing his single ‘Whatcha Doin’ To Me’ which was released on October 6th … Continue reading Single Review: Moonlight Jones – Whatcha Doin’ To Me

TV Review: Only Murders in the Building (Season 2)

So if you follow this site regularly then you’ll probably already have read my review of season 1, but just in case you haven’t you can check that out here first. Anyway, considering the talent and pedigree of the main cast, it was no surprise that the first season was good, but honestly I did … Continue reading TV Review: Only Murders in the Building (Season 2)

Sandylands Holiday Park (Parkdean Resorts)

Okay, first things first, before we start the actual review, I would like to say that usually this type of content would be accompanied by photos…lots and lots of photos. But to be completely honest with you, it didn’t occur to me until I was already back home that I could maybe talk about the … Continue reading Sandylands Holiday Park (Parkdean Resorts)

Bhad Scholarships

Now full disclosure before we move on, I really had intended to release this article much sooner, especially since Bhabie herself has said that it wasn’t receiving as much press coverage but unfortunately due to mental health issues, I had to take a break away from the site, and so albeit a little later than … Continue reading Bhad Scholarships


I have been making more of an effort lately to find and promote a greater variety of artists and creatives with our content. This has naturally led me to search for people, both established and indie who I feel deserve more attention on their work.  Today, I would like to boost and promote Charlotte Jafari, … Continue reading FEM POP!