Album Review: KJ Apa – Clocks

KJ Apa is a New Zealand born actor and musician, he got his start on New Zealand’s longest running drama and soap opera, Shortland Street, where he played Kane Jenkins from 2013 to 2015. He also featured in a YA Drama in New Zealand, called The Cul de Sac, where he played Jack, one of … Continue reading Album Review: KJ Apa – Clocks

Single Review: Michèle Ducray – Manifesto

Michèle Ducray is a New Zealand based dark pop artist, and today I will be reviewing her pop infused horror story, ‘Manifesto’ which was released on April 8th 2022.  ‘Manifesto’ has a deep, heavy, synth driven opening, you feel the weight on the notes, and the building tones underneath that just really create a real … Continue reading Single Review: Michèle Ducray – Manifesto