Single Review: Royal & the Serpent – Overwhelmed

So first off I actually came across the artist and this song in particular thanks to Tik Tok, getting music from Tik Tok has been an experience In and of itself, see the problem is Tik Tok is a lot, it’s an onslaught of sights and sounds and I suffer from pretty severe ADHD, the … Continue reading Single Review: Royal & the Serpent – Overwhelmed

Single Review: IRIS – Them

IRIS is an Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, originally from New Jersey, and today I will be reviewing their single ‘Them’ which was released on December 16th 2020.  ‘Them’ opens with a light intro, that has a faster, charged percussive beat underneath some whispery tones, both flow and blend with IRIS’s phenomenal vocals, honestly, her voice … Continue reading Single Review: IRIS – Them

Single Review: Da Poloman – Love At First Sight

'Love At First Sight' is the latest release to come from New Jersey rapper, Da Poloman and popular vocalist Sara Alavi. Instantly, I found the track emotional with its angelic piano opener. It pushes forward with comfort, and Sara greets the instrumental intro with a vocal performance which adds even more sentimental flavour. Furthermore, she … Continue reading Single Review: Da Poloman – Love At First Sight

Solo Musician Interview: Rasha Jay

Tell me about yourself? I am a singer-songwriter originally from a small town in Maryland, but have been residing in New Jersey for many years now. I’ve been singing since I was three years old, wrote my first song at age 9. Performed in theatre, have done studio work all of my life, and in … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Rasha Jay