Author Review: Lorenzo Dozier

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First off tell me about yourself? My name is Lorenzo Dozier. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I have a Bachelors in English and studied communication. I love to help people, travel, engage in new activities and challenge myself. Why did you want to write a book? When I was in High school, I… Continue reading Author Review: Lorenzo Dozier

Book Review: 31 Days to Live by Lorenzo Dozier

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31 Days to Live was released on November 15th 2015, it’s described by the author as New Adult, that genre is an offshoot of Young Adult, which focuses on the 18-30 year old demographic as opposed to the 12-18 year old age bracket. It deals with Kamel Johnson, a teenager who is tasked with solving… Continue reading Book Review: 31 Days to Live by Lorenzo Dozier