Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Los Años Rojos

Los Años Rojos are a five piece Indie Rock band from the city of La Plata, Argentina made up of Martín Remiro on Guitar/Vocals, Javier Li on Violin, Fermín Ferreyra Rey on Keyboard, Vicente Jalil on Bajo and Germán Sinegub on Drums. ‘Abril’ opens with a melodic blend of guitar, vocals and percussion that all… Continue reading Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Single Review: Voice of Aiko – Prescription Dream

Voice of Aiko - Prescription Dream Artwork

Voice of Aiko are creative collective, who according to their site “Give the silenced a voice” and are “Opening minds and hearts through the power of beautiful art” both of which are laudable goals and they certainly manage that with this track, I will add that this was my first exposure to the group but… Continue reading Single Review: Voice of Aiko – Prescription Dream

Single Review: The Somedays – Knockout

The Somedays - Knockout Artwork

The Somedays are a London based, Five Piece Indie Group made up of Vittorio Jacobacci on Vocals, Eugenio Jacobacci on Guitar, Jerome Rupf on Guitar, Matt Miller on Bass and Eliseo Provezza on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their new single ‘Knockout’. ‘Knockout’ opens with a tight little guitar riff, that’s got a lot of… Continue reading Single Review: The Somedays – Knockout

Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

They Called Him Zone 'I Want Love' Artwork

They Called Him Zone are a three piece Electro Pop/Rock from the City of Bradford made up of Mik Davis on Vocals, Drones and Production, Steve Maloney on Vocals, Guitar and Production and Cat McLaughlan on Vocals/ Bass. ‘I Want Love’ opens with a dark synth theme, that comes in waves, up and down, it… Continue reading Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Harker Moon 'Muma Says' Artwork

Harker Moon are a five piece soul/rock and roll group from London made up of Tommy Down on Guitar/ Vocals, Hal Briggs on Bass, Olly Jay on Guitar, Joe Caplin on Piano and Ben Phillips on Drums. ‘Muma Says’ opens slowly, some gentle keys, supporting Tommy Down’s voice well, it doesn’t take long for the… Continue reading Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Single Review: Andrew Patterson – Something in December

Andrew Patterson single 'Something in December' Artwork

Andrew Patterson is a Belfast based singer-songwriter and musician and today I’ll be reviewing his Christmas release which was written while he was living in Dublin. The track features a Dave McConnell on string viola. Also keep an eye out for his new EP in early 2019, but for now check out my review of… Continue reading Single Review: Andrew Patterson – Something in December

Single Review: Moderate Rebels – Faith & Science

Moderate Rebels single 'Faith and Science' Artwork

Moderate Rebels are a music group from London, they try to keep the focus on the music rather than themselves so I won’t stretch out this introduction, all I’ll say is you can check out another review of their music I did right here. ‘Faith & Science’ opens with building drums and a funky little… Continue reading Single Review: Moderate Rebels – Faith & Science

Single Review: Ishani Chakravarty – Stormy Emotion

Ishani Chakravarty single 'Stormy Emotion' Artwork

Ishani Chakravarty is a singer-songwriter, originally from Bangalore but now based in London, who produces powerful and soulful indie music. I've previously reviewed her music and you can check that out here. Today though I'll be reviewing her new Track ‘Stormy Emotion’. ‘Stormy Emotion’ is Ishani’s latest track, and having reviewed a previous release of… Continue reading Single Review: Ishani Chakravarty – Stormy Emotion

Single Review: Daniel Shaw – Don’t Leave Me Now

Daniel Shaw single 'Don't Leave Me Now' Artwork

Daniel Shaw is a 20 year old Australian musician, based in Melbourne. He makes soft pop music and today I'll be reviewing his latest track ‘Don't Leave Me Now’. ‘Don't Leave Me Now’ is my first exposure to this Aussie musician but I can firmly say right now that it won’t be my last, it… Continue reading Single Review: Daniel Shaw – Don’t Leave Me Now

Single Review: Lisa Kowalski – I Do

Lisa Kowalski single 'I Do' Artwork

Lisa Kowalski is an 18 year old musician, she started performing four years ago busking in Paisley, and since then she’s released her debut EP ‘Free Spirits’ which dropped in April 2017 with some help from Paisley 2021. And has a second EP lined up for release in 2019. Today however I’ll be reviewing her… Continue reading Single Review: Lisa Kowalski – I Do