Albums Of The Year (Curated By Me, Big G)

It’s been a good year for the roses, as was said by Elvis Costello recently.  Of course, by “the roses” he meant music that I, Big G, quite like.  Therefore, to bring us to the end of the year in a flurry of doe-eyed nostalgia for a time not so long ago, I shall now … Continue reading Albums Of The Year (Curated By Me, Big G)

Solo Musician Interview: Myla Vie

Tell me about yourself?I am a singer, songwriter from Essex, England. I have been singing since I was very young and have always wanted to become a music artist since I was about 7 years old!  What Instrument(s) do you play, if any? And how long have you been playing your respective instruments(s)?I play a … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Myla Vie

Single Review: Will – Closer

Will is participating in the current dance music craze with his latest production, 'Closer.' The song is a feel-good summer anthem with a joyful vibe that many people will like over the warm months. The tune isn't as predictable as one might assume as soon as it starts. Furthermore, it begins with laid-back energy that … Continue reading Single Review: Will – Closer

Single Review: Minna Ora – Fire

Minna Ora is fearless as ever with 'Fire'. It's a song that exemplifies the Finnish singer's ability to hold our attention from beginning to end, and it's a testament to the years of dedication she has put into her music.Minna recounts how she conquered cancer with honesty in her lyrics. It's a touching narrative, but … Continue reading Single Review: Minna Ora – Fire

Single Review: Jennifer Porter – Sun Come And Shine

'Sun Come And Shine' by Jennifer Porter is a salient treasure that needs little introduction. It's also a collection of all things gorgeous, and the Maine-singer exudes confidence right from the start. The album is the first album of the year for Jennifer Porter, and it appears that the time she spent working on this … Continue reading Single Review: Jennifer Porter – Sun Come And Shine

Single Review: Glitch Project – Bloom

Glitch Project, an Italian two-piece female combo, have cracked the code to producing a big hit and delivering it with ease on 'Bloom'. The new track is one-of-a-kind, and it gives alt-pop a fresh edge. Federica and Maida, both from Turin, conduct an extraordinary adventure filled with various exciting noises that erupt from the compound … Continue reading Single Review: Glitch Project – Bloom

Single Review: Thomas Cole – Execute The Vision (ft. Electropoint)

Thomas Cole has a visceral feeling, and it appears to be paying off with his new gem, 'Execute The Vision', sending fans wild. The track is a feel-good hitter with a pumping foundation that will get you bouncing in a flash. Opening the release is an EDM fused synth loop which brings a modulated texture … Continue reading Single Review: Thomas Cole – Execute The Vision (ft. Electropoint)

Single Review: Final Void – Symphony Of Lies

Hard-rock band Final Void are tearing up the industry with their new release, 'Symphony Of Lies'. The single is from their highly commended new album 'Visions Of Fear', which was released this year and by heck does it bite! Hailing from Finland, the group unleash melodic rock fused with metal, and they mean business from … Continue reading Single Review: Final Void – Symphony Of Lies

Single Review: Charmian Devi – Radio Of None

Charmian Devi unleashes a captivating new release, 'Radio Of None,' and she brings some of the world's most recognised players along for the journey. 'Radio Of None' kicks off with a gripping opening guitar melody, and it leads the way to Charmian's vocal seamlessly. Charmian gets her message underway in quick succession, and she expresses … Continue reading Single Review: Charmian Devi – Radio Of None

Single Review: Nobody – Daydreamer

'Daydreamer' is the latest release from Nobody, and it provides a utopian experience from the first second. It is a thought-provoking release with Nobody using words that evoke emotions with resonance. The track opens with a reverberated synth hook with Nobody reaching for the microphone in quick succession. She instantly gets her message out, and … Continue reading Single Review: Nobody – Daydreamer

Single Review: Ivan Makvel – How You Make Me Feel

Italian songwriter and producer Ivan Makvel gets the electronic funk followed by the barrel load with his new album, and one of the gems which stands out like a beacon is 'How You Make Me Feel'. 'How You Make Me Feel' is an honest expression about someone whom Ivan cherishes the most. Furthermore, he gets … Continue reading Single Review: Ivan Makvel – How You Make Me Feel

Single Review: Roberto Bates – Fire Walk With Me

German producer Roberto Bates hits the ball out of the park with his new release, 'Fire Walk With Me'. It is an EDM anthem that sees the producer collaborate with the female vocal power force, VIOLA. It starts with a nostalgic opener with an 80s dance groove leading the way. VIOLA then rises out of … Continue reading Single Review: Roberto Bates – Fire Walk With Me

Single Review: M Pike – Worthy

An artist who is grabbing attention from many at the moment is M Pike. He is fresh on the scene with a new pop-rock track, 'Worthy', and it is a compound of many genres fused into one. Cleverly written, 'Worthy' purrs like a cat from the first second. It opens with a guitar lead which … Continue reading Single Review: M Pike – Worthy

Single Review: Josiah Mortimer – This Town

Josiah Mortimer's 'This Town' is out now and the Brixton acoustic singer is giving all funds generated to UK charity FareShare, which you are welcome to donate to via this link. The charity is working to solve hunger problems in the UK, and each stream and download will help feed the most vulnerable.  'This Town' … Continue reading Single Review: Josiah Mortimer – This Town

Single Review: Untold Poet – Don’t Understand

Untold Poet wears his heart on his sleeve on his latest release, 'Don't Understand'. It is a release which speaks about current society with Untold Poet expressing how the world is unfair with prejudice and inequality. He is the spokesman for goodwill, and he stands up for everyone who is suffering. His delivery is mesmerising, … Continue reading Single Review: Untold Poet – Don’t Understand