Movie Review: A Monster Calls

When I set out to watch this movie I wasn't sure what you expect. I hadn't seen many trailers and the ones I had scene has me believing it was different, more like the Iron giant meets Harry Potter but I was surprised by this movie and could see myself watching it again. Also if … Continue reading Movie Review: A Monster Calls

Movie Review: Sing!

I’ll admit that description could equally apply to Zootopia and if this movie had one failing it's that it is to similar to that movie. I guess it was just bad timing because now comparisons will forever be drawn between the two of them. Being completely honest though bare bones, sure they’re similar but this … Continue reading Movie Review: Sing!

Movie Review: Why Him?

When I decided to watch Why Him? I expected to at most not hate it but I was pleasantly surprised by what this movie had to offer. Sure it might cling to well established plot formulas and overall it seemed like James Franco was just playing a sensationalised and wish fulfilled version of himself the … Continue reading Movie Review: Why Him?

Movie Review: Batman – Mask of the Phantasm

This is by far one of the most iconic movies in the Batman franchise, as well as easily being the best animated Batman film. I was also greeted by a heartwarming wave of nostalgia thanks to the Warner Bros Logo flashing at me during the intro credits. Also it is comforting to note that by … Continue reading Movie Review: Batman – Mask of the Phantasm