Comic Book Review: Powers by Brian Michael Bendis

Powers is a creator-owned comic book series which was written by Brian Michael Bendis, and was illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming. It blends in a variety of elements including Superhero fiction, Crime Noir and a Police procedural and follows a pair of homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim. The characters exist in a world … Continue reading Comic Book Review: Powers by Brian Michael Bendis


So I'll admit I don't travel up to Ayr much, being located in Kilmarnock it's cheaper and just as quick to head to Glasgow if we have the money and fancy a shop. However because Tori B Bearly is currently studying graphic design at Ayrshire College and most if not all of their media based … Continue reading Boom!

Interview with Mel Rowlands (Anime League)

First off tell me about yourself, and the core team at AnimeLeague? My name is Mel. I’m part of the organising team and my main job I Stage Management, so this ranges from getting guests (voice actors, cosplay guests etc), timetabling, running the stages and I run the social media pages. I also help with … Continue reading Interview with Mel Rowlands (Anime League)