Interview with Ross Manson (KillieCast)


First off, tell me about yourselves? My Name is Ross Manson I am in my early 30’s and I have lived in Kilmarnock for 5 years and Andy Kerr is the singer in The Cairds and Killie supporter who has live in Kilmarnock all his life. Now tell me about KillieCast, and what are your aims… Continue reading Interview with Ross Manson (KillieCast)

Solo Musician Interview: Anna Sweeney

Anna Sweeney Photo

Where are you from? I grew up in Ayr. I live in Kilmarnock at the moment though. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? Piano as long as I can remember! And I started playing guitar when I was fifteen. What genre of music do you consider your work to be? This album… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Anna Sweeney

HBSA – A Call for Volunteers


So I’ve had to take some time away from HBSA (Hospital Broadcasting Service Ayrshire) to sort out some personal issues in my own life but I feel like now is as good a time as any to talk about HBSA and maybe even recruit some passionate would be radio presenters to take my place. Okay… Continue reading HBSA – A Call for Volunteers

Solo Musician Interview – Chris Jones

Chris Jones Photo

Chris Jones is a singer/songwriter from Kilmarnock, who was previously the singer for an alternative rock band called 'Weather Forcats' but has now gone solo and has recently released his debut EP ‘A story of human limitations’. If you want to have a read at that then click here.  Where are you from? From Kilmarnock, Scotland… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview – Chris Jones

EP Review: Chris Jones – A Story of Human Limitations

Chris Jones 'A Story of Human Limitations' Album Artwork

Chris Jones is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Kilmarnock. Before starting to do solo material he was the singer for an alternative rock group called ‘Weather Forcats’. This will be his debut solo EP and I have the honour of reviewing it now. ‘How many times?’ starts of lightly with an upbeat little acoustic guitar… Continue reading EP Review: Chris Jones – A Story of Human Limitations

Burns Mall Gaming Event

Gaming Event Promo Image

Today was a busy day for Kilmarnock, there was a gaming event taking place at the Burns Mall from 11am till 3pm where there was music, games and activities aplenty. Right in the middle of the cross in the town centre they’d set up a stage for the various music acts that were set to… Continue reading Burns Mall Gaming Event

Farewell to Tackety Bit

The Tackety Bit

Now I wrote this a while back when the pub actually closed but never got a chance to publish it anywhere so now I'm just putting it up here for posterity. I had the honour of being there for the closing of the Tackety Bit and it was with mixed feelings that I attended the… Continue reading Farewell to Tackety Bit

Solo Musician Interview: Matt Scott

Matt Scott Photo

Matthew ‘Matt’ Scott  is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire whose genre is blues/folk music. Where are you from? Good old Kilmarnock. Although technically from a wee village out with, but Killie will do for now. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? I’ve been playing guitar since age 14. And kidding on… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Matt Scott

Band Interview: Losing Ground

Losing Ground Group Photo

Losing Ground are an Alternative/folk/punk band from Ayrshire made up of Jack Sutton on Guitar/Vocals, Andrew Robinson on Mandolin/Vocals, Connell Stewart on Bass and Blair Stewart on Drums. So first of how did you all meet? Being brothers, Blair and Connell met when Connell was born, and the rest of us met him much later… Continue reading Band Interview: Losing Ground

EP Review: The Cairds – Self-titled EP

The Cairds Album Artwork

Before we get on with the actual review I want to say a little about the band; The Cairds are a three man outfit from Kilmarnock and thereabouts and it's really good to have another local band putting out great material like this. I hadn’t heard about this band before I put out a post… Continue reading EP Review: The Cairds – Self-titled EP