Single Review: Ziggi Battles – Man Like Me

Ziggi Battles is a singer/songwriter, Drag Artist and drummer from Scotland. They identify as queer and use He/Him pronouns. Today I will be reviewing their single 'Man Like Me' which was released on June 25th 2022. The track is an anthem to Ziggi's experience as a trans man, and I'm glad I had the opportunity … Continue reading Single Review: Ziggi Battles – Man Like Me

Grief By Lilian Anderson

In the UK and Western society, we don’t talk about death. We sugar-coat it in euphemisms and whispers. I didn’t lose my parents, I didn't set them down in the park, get distracted and walk away. Death dragged the two most beautiful, kind, caring, vital people I've ever known away. Cancer lay in wait all … Continue reading Grief By Lilian Anderson

Sandylands Holiday Park (Parkdean Resorts)

Okay, first things first, before we start the actual review, I would like to say that usually this type of content would be accompanied by photos…lots and lots of photos. But to be completely honest with you, it didn’t occur to me until I was already back home that I could maybe talk about the … Continue reading Sandylands Holiday Park (Parkdean Resorts)

Restaurant Review – Pings Pizza & Wings

Pings Pizza & Wings is a brand new restaurant based in Kilmarnock, located on Bonnyton Road, the newly refurbished eatery is in what many locals will remember as the former pub, Memory Lane. It is a joint venture between Jordan Yates, the owner and proprietor of American Munchies, based on Bank Street, and Mario Martinelli, … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Pings Pizza & Wings

Restaurant Review – Beijing Banquet (Kilmarnock)

This review is from a meal we had at Beijing Banquet on Tuesday 1st November 2022. As Beijing Banquet is a buffet style restaurant, this review will be a little different, as rather than ordering a specific thing from the menu, like with all my previous Restaurant reviews, I’ll just be talking about the abundance … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Beijing Banquet (Kilmarnock)


Emma Hunter is a 19-year-old crafter from Ayrshire, they identify as pansexual and autistic, and are a member of Unity League, a Kilmarnock based LGBT+ community group. They were previously attending college to study Social Sciences, however have since moved on to a night course focusing on the hospitality industry, specifically baking and cake decorating.  … Continue reading Crybbycrafts


Avery Dixon, is a 27-year-old crafter from Ayrshire, they are a member of a Kilmarnock based LGBT+ community group, Unity League, a teaching assistant at a primary school and are a summer school teacher with Edinburgh Zoo. Today I want to talk to you about their business, PuppyBandits. Avery started PuppyBandits about 4+ years ago, … Continue reading PuppyBandits

Bewitching Health and Beauty

Bewitching Health and Beauty is a holistic business, based in Kilmarnock, which is run by Lilian Anderson, a practising witch and mature student currently pursuing a BA honours in Psychological studies through the Open University. She is also a contributor to Off the Record and you can find her content by clicking here. The business … Continue reading Bewitching Health and Beauty

Pam’s Place

Pam’s Place is an Ayrshire based catering business which was created by Pamela Gray back in 2011. It is a one stop shop for all your culinary needs, whatever you want cooked or baked, you can reach out to Pamela for superior service. She brings with her a HNC Patisserie qualification, as well as over … Continue reading Pam’s Place

Restaurant Review – The Wynd Coffee Shop

This review is from a meal we had at The Wynd Coffee Shop, on College Wynd, Kilmarnock on Monday 8th November 2021. Enjoy! Main - Lentil soupTom: So I wasn't really aware I do this until recently but I subconsciously compare every Lentil Soup to my mums homemade one. This is perhaps the closest to … Continue reading Restaurant Review – The Wynd Coffee Shop

Restaurant Review – Mamita’s Coffee House

This review is from a meal we had at Mamita's Coffee House, on Bank Street, Kilmarnock on Sunday 6th November 2021. Enjoy! Main -Cheddar, Mozzarella and Sun-dried Tomato Toastie (with a Side of Chicken & Rice Soup)Tom: Always a fan of Sun-dried tomatoes I knew I was getting it as soon as I saw it … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Mamita’s Coffee House

Restaurant Review – Goldberry Bar & Kitchen

This review is from a meal we had at The Goldberry Bar & Kitchen, on Bank Street, Kilmarnock on Wednesday 3rd November 2021. Enjoy! Starters - Sweet Potato SoupTom: So the Sweet Potato Soup was so tasty, it was creamy and savoury and had a subtle depth and sweetness that was so delectable. I love … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Goldberry Bar & Kitchen

Restaurant Review – Cafe Koko

So the initial review of Cafe Koko, on Nelson Street, Kilmarnock was on Wednesday 18th September 2019. Unfortunately when we arrived it was due to close so on our first visit we were only able to order coffee and cake. However, we dropped in on Monday 1st November 2021 and you can check out what … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Cafe Koko

Restaurant Review – Courtyard Cafe

This review is from a meal we had at the Courtyard Cafe, on King Street, Kilmarnock on Thursday 28th October 2021. Enjoy! So we frequented this spot previously under its former management, when it was called iCafe, and you can read a review of that property here. We always enjoyed ourselves there and it seems … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Courtyard Cafe

Restaurant Review – Varani’s Forum Ices

This review is of our order from Varani's Forum Ices, on High Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock on Sunday 17th October 2021. Enjoy! So this was our awesome dessert after our meal at The Longhouse, a restaurant based in Kilmarnock, and you can check out our review of that meal by clicking here. So if you are … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Varani’s Forum Ices