Bewitching Health and Beauty

Bewitching Health and Beauty is a holistic business, based in Kilmarnock, which is run by Lilian Anderson, a practising witch and mature student currently pursuing a BA honours in Psychological studies through the Open University. She is also a contributor to Off the Record and you can find her content by clicking here. The business … Continue reading Bewitching Health and Beauty

Pam’s Place

Pam’s Place is an Ayrshire based catering business which was created by Pamela Gray back in 2011. It is a one stop shop for all your culinary needs, whatever you want cooked or baked, you can reach out to Pamela for superior service. She brings with her a HNC Patisserie qualification, as well as over … Continue reading Pam’s Place

Restaurant Review – The Wynd Coffee Shop

This review is from a meal we had at The Wynd Coffee Shop, on College Wynd, Kilmarnock on Monday 8th November 2021. Enjoy! Main - Lentil soupTom: So I wasn't really aware I do this until recently but I subconsciously compare every Lentil Soup to my mums homemade one. This is perhaps the closest to … Continue reading Restaurant Review – The Wynd Coffee Shop

Restaurant Review – Mamita’s Coffee House

This review is from a meal we had at Mamita's Coffee House, on Bank Street, Kilmarnock on Sunday 6th November 2021. Enjoy! Main -Cheddar, Mozzarella and Sun-dried Tomato Toastie (with a Side of Chicken & Rice Soup)Tom: Always a fan of Sun-dried tomatoes I knew I was getting it as soon as I saw it … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Mamita’s Coffee House

Restaurant Review – Goldberry Bar & Kitchen

This review is from a meal we had at The Goldberry Bar & Kitchen, on Bank Street, Kilmarnock on Wednesday 3rd November 2021. Enjoy! Starters - Sweet Potato SoupTom: So the Sweet Potato Soup was so tasty, it was creamy and savoury and had a subtle depth and sweetness that was so delectable. I love … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Goldberry Bar & Kitchen

Restaurant Review – Cafe Koko

So the initial review of Cafe Koko, on Nelson Street, Kilmarnock was on Wednesday 18th September 2019. Unfortunately when we arrived it was due to close so on our first visit we were only able to order coffee and cake. However, we dropped in on Monday 1st November 2021 and you can check out what … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Cafe Koko

Restaurant Review – Courtyard Cafe

This review is from a meal we had at the Courtyard Cafe, on King Street, Kilmarnock on Thursday 28th October 2021. Enjoy! So we frequented this spot previously under its former management, when it was called iCafe, and you can read a review of that property here. We always enjoyed ourselves there and it seems … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Courtyard Cafe

Restaurant Review – Varani’s Forum Ices

This review is of our order from Varani's Forum Ices, on High Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock on Sunday 17th October 2021. Enjoy! So this was our awesome dessert after our meal at The Longhouse, a restaurant based in Kilmarnock, and you can check out our review of that meal by clicking here. So if you are … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Varani’s Forum Ices

Restaurant Review – The Longhouse

This review is from a meal we had at The Longhouse, on Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock on Sunday 17th October 2021. Enjoy! Starter -Gambas Al Pil PilTom: It is very sweet and has an almost syrupy consitency which blends well into the heat and savoury spice of the chilli and cayenne base. It has some really … Continue reading Restaurant Review – The Longhouse

Retail Store Review: American Munchies

So this article has been a long time coming and I can only blame my hectic schedule, but fortunately, it’s actually rather timely as the store in question is celebrating their anniversary. So Ayrshire Munchies opened on the 6th November 2020, they were originally located on Nelson Street, fortunately for Jordan Yates the owner and … Continue reading Retail Store Review: American Munchies

Samhain – Witches New Year

The 31st October and the surrounding days are a special time for many cultures, from the Día de Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in Mexico to the Christian All Saints' Day (also known as All Hallows' Day) and of course the secular Halloween celebrations.  The pagan wheel of the year celebrates Samhain from sunset … Continue reading Samhain – Witches New Year

 The Origins of Killieween

The town I grew up in, Kilmarnock, located in the West of Scotland has many strange and interesting traditions, from the paper roses that the bride to be wears before marriage to the ‘Paper Roses’ that are sung at Rugby Park (the home of Kilmarnock F.C), to the obsessive cleaning of EVERYTHING before the bells … Continue reading  The Origins of Killieween

Why I Celebrate the Green Witch

Many modern witches hate the cartoonish stereotypes of the green-faced witch. Look at her as she stoops, cackling and green-faced, with blackened broken teeth, a hooked nose and gnarled fingers, her hair hanging in knots. The picture of terror and evil, that is so removed from my own path of love, nature, healing and beauty.  … Continue reading Why I Celebrate the Green Witch

A History of Jack-o’-lanterns

I wrote yesterday about how Trick or Treating originated in Scotland and Ireland and has been repackaged and returned to us in modern times with an American slant. Today’s Halloween tradition has also made the same journey.  The carved pumpkin is a tradition which is now strongly associated with Halloween, but the tradition of the … Continue reading A History of Jack-o’-lanterns

Guising – A Celtic Tradition

Trick or Treating, is that not an American tradition? I see people on social media every day claiming that Trick or Treating is just another sign of the over Americanisation of our children's lives and I guess in some ways they are right. But in so many other ways they are totally wrong!  Guising in … Continue reading Guising – A Celtic Tradition