New Horizons (Part 2) by John Foster

It’s interesting how we stumble across new music. Well, at least I find it interesting. Maybe you don’t. Fair play to you. We’re all strange in our own weird ways. You do you. Anyway, whether by friendly recommendation, promotional marketing, radio play, or gig support (including festival appearances), our attentions can sometimes be sufficiently drawn … Continue reading New Horizons (Part 2) by John Foster

Drink Review: Maker’s Mark

Maker's Mark is a small-batch 90 U.S. proof bourbon whisky produced in a distillery in Loretto, Kentucky by Beam Suntory, an American multinational drinks company. Interestingly enough despite being an American company Maker's Mark spells Whisky on the bottle without the extra e, which goes against the typical naming conventions for America who notably like … Continue reading Drink Review: Maker’s Mark

Whisky Basics

So full disclosure I am by no means an expert on whisky, it just happens to be a passion of mine, and this is more or less just an excuse to stretch my fairly limited by nonetheless enthusiastically gained knowledge on the subject. I also want to add that even among actual experts, the field … Continue reading Whisky Basics

Album Review: Baby Bones – The Curse of the Crystal Teeth

Baby Bones are a Louisville, Kentucky based three piece punk rock/metal band made up of Dave Rucinski on Guitar/Vocals, Thomas Burgos on Guitar/Vocals/Bass and Badnewz Brandum on Drums. ‘Bought The Farm’ has a hard, fast paced percussive intro backed up by powerful blaring guitars, that just shake you up and don’t stop,  it’s a frenzied, … Continue reading Album Review: Baby Bones – The Curse of the Crystal Teeth