Solo Musician Interview: John Kampouropoulos

John Kampouropoulos

Where are you from? JK: I’m Greek, I live in Athens. Well, in an athenian suburb, to be precise. Near some beautiful mountains. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? JK: I started as a drummer, back in 1987, but quit right after completing my army draft call in 1997. I also play… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: John Kampouropoulos

Album Review: John Kampouropoulos – LFE​.​AFTR

John Kampouropoulos Album ‘LFE​.​AFTR

I first heard John Kampouropoulos and his music when I reviewed his band KAMP but today I’ll be reviewing his solo efforts. John is a Greek singer/songwriter and if you haven’t heard his music then check it out today. Also keep an eye on the page for an Interview I did with him as well.… Continue reading Album Review: John Kampouropoulos – LFE​.​AFTR

Album Review: KAMP – Clairvoyance

Kamp's ‘Clairvoyance’ Album Artwork

Before I start I want to say a little about the band. KAMP were formed in Winter 2012 in Athens, Greece. They consider themselves to be Alternative rock, but feel that their work crosses over boundaries and they aren’t afraid to explore new styles in pursuit of their music. The lineup for the band is… Continue reading Album Review: KAMP – Clairvoyance