Whisky Basics

So full disclosure I am by no means an expert on whisky, it just happens to be a passion of mine, and this is more or less just an excuse to stretch my fairly limited by nonetheless enthusiastically gained knowledge on the subject. I also want to add that even among actual experts, the field … Continue reading Whisky Basics

Single Review: Leon Top – Devil’s Glass

Leon Top are a Japanese musical duo made up of twin sisters Mai and Yui Otsuka. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘Devil’s Glass’ which was released on July 27th 2020.  ‘Devil’s Glass’ opens with a synthy harmonic vocalisation that merges with electronic notes as the track weaves forward, a perfect blend of the … Continue reading Single Review: Leon Top – Devil’s Glass

Single Review: Utada – Easy Breezy

So I initially came across the artist because Game Grumps talked about her during their Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, which you can check out here, I felt that perhaps the criticism was unfounded and wanted to check her track out for myself. Anyway Utada Hikaru (who is also known as Hikaru Utada or simply Utada) … Continue reading Single Review: Utada – Easy Breezy