Single Review: Leon Top – Devil’s Glass

Leon Top are a Japanese musical duo made up of twin sisters Mai and Yui Otsuka. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘Devil’s Glass’ which was released on July 27th 2020.  ‘Devil’s Glass’ opens with a synthy harmonic vocalisation that merges with electronic notes as the track weaves forward, a perfect blend of the … Continue reading Single Review: Leon Top – Devil’s Glass

Food Review: Yushoi (Various Flavours)

So Yushoi is a product produced by Calbee Group UK, who also make Harvest Snaps and Seabrooks crisps as well. The Yushoi brand is inspired by Japan, specifically the mindful culture they discovered there. Yushoi is also intended to be a healthier alternative to conventional snacks, allowing customers to make a more informed decision for … Continue reading Food Review: Yushoi (Various Flavours)