Album Review: Lisa Hannigan – At Swim

Lisa Hannigan is an Irish singer/songwriter, composer and voice actress, she started her career working with fellow Irish musician Damien Rice, before moving on to have her own solo career from 2007 onwards. I’m ashamed to say that prior to her voice role as Blue Diamond in Steven Universe, I hadn’t heard of Hannigan but … Continue reading Album Review: Lisa Hannigan – At Swim

Whisky Basics

So full disclosure I am by no means an expert on whisky, it just happens to be a passion of mine, and this is more or less just an excuse to stretch my fairly limited by nonetheless enthusiastically gained knowledge on the subject. I also want to add that even among actual experts, the field … Continue reading Whisky Basics

Single Review: Rory & The Island – Donna Don’t Take My Summer

Rory & The Island is the performing name of Donegal based singer/songwriter Rory Gallagher and today I will be reviewing his single ‘Donna Don’t Take My Summer’ which was released on 6th August 2021. ‘Donna Don’t Take My Summer’ opens with a nice, funky intro, percussion and guitars with a nice energy to it. Rory’s … Continue reading Single Review: Rory & The Island – Donna Don’t Take My Summer

EP Review: Cadaver Club – Nine Sweet Angels

Cadaver Club are a four piece funeral punk outfit from Ireland made up of Mr. Crowe on Vocals, Dirge on Guitar, Boom Chic Chic on Bass and Draggle on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest EP ‘Nine Sweet Angels’ which was released on the 31st October 2020. ‘Nine Sweet Angels’ kicks off the EP … Continue reading EP Review: Cadaver Club – Nine Sweet Angels

A History of Jack-o’-lanterns

I wrote yesterday about how Trick or Treating originated in Scotland and Ireland and has been repackaged and returned to us in modern times with an American slant. Today’s Halloween tradition has also made the same journey.  The carved pumpkin is a tradition which is now strongly associated with Halloween, but the tradition of the … Continue reading A History of Jack-o’-lanterns

Album Review: Janet Devlin – Confessional

Janet Devlin is a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland and I recently discovered them on Instagram, just in time for the release of their new album ‘Confessional’ which I’ll be reviewing today. ‘Confessional’ opens with a choral sequence of male vocals and a mix of instruments that ease perfectly with Janet’s voice and I was just … Continue reading Album Review: Janet Devlin – Confessional

Album Review: Andrew Patterson – Out of Babylon

Andrew Patterson is singer-songwriter from Belfast, I’ve previously reviewed his single ‘Something in December’ which you can check out here. Today I’ll be reviewing his latest EP ‘Out of Babylon’ which you’ll be able to get your hands on soon. ‘Broadway Lights’ opens with a light atmospheric trill, acoustic guitars and Patterson’s melodious voice. It’s … Continue reading Album Review: Andrew Patterson – Out of Babylon

EP Review: Red House – Self-titled EP

Red House are a four piece indie rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland and they are made up of Caolan Donaghy on Guitar/Lead Vocals, Adam McCallan on Guitar, Odhran Cassidy on Bass Guitar and Darragh Tibbs on Drums. If you want to find out more about the band then check out this interview I did … Continue reading EP Review: Red House – Self-titled EP

Band Interview: Red House

So first of how did you all meet? Adam, Odhran and I (Darragh) went to school together for a few years but were never that close. Cazza and I went to primary school together and played in a jazz orchestra together and were also never that close. Then the original Red House (different lineup) lost … Continue reading Band Interview: Red House

Solo Musician Interview: Adam Grant

Where are you from? I am from a small town called Comber in Northern Ireland. Its a few miles outside Belfast. It's a small town, but we are famous for a few things. Thomas Andrews who designed the Titanic was born here, and also we are known worldwide for our Comber potatoes. How long have … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Adam Grant

Single Review: Linda Em – Wild Fire

Linda Em is a London based, Irish born singer/songwriter who covers genres including folk, blues and rock and today I’ll be reviewing ‘Wild Fire’ a single from her latest EP ‘London Irish’ which is scheduled to be released September 21st 2018. ‘Wild Fire’ opens slowly, easing out in a wonderful blend of acoustic guitar and … Continue reading Single Review: Linda Em – Wild Fire

EP Review: Vulpynes – Self-titled EP

Vulpynes are a two piece Garage/Punk Rock band from Dublin, Ireland made up of Maeve Molly on Guitar/Vocals and Kaz on Drums. ‘Sublingual’ opens with some tight blaring guitars that meld perfectly with the drums. I feel like the opening notes almost announce something coming, as it turns out it was Maeve Molly’s powerful and … Continue reading EP Review: Vulpynes – Self-titled EP