Interview with Dave Gilbert (Emerald City Confidential)

Interview with Dave Gilbert

First off, tell me about yourself? Hi! I’m Dave Gilbert, head of Wadjet Eye Games. I’m 42 years old, live in Brooklyn with my wife and kid, and have been a full-time indie dev since 2006. What games do you remember most from your childhood, and do you feel they influence/influenced how you make games?… Continue reading Interview with Dave Gilbert (Emerald City Confidential)

Interview with Mauricio García (The Last Door)

Interview with Mauricio García

First off, tell me about yourself? Hi, I’m Mauricio García, producer of Blasphemous and CEO of the studio. I’m formerly a game programmer, I was actually the programmer behind The Last Door, our previous game. Tell me about The Game Kitchen and about the team that works there? The Game Kitchen is a relatively small… Continue reading Interview with Mauricio García (The Last Door)

Interview with Niklas Hallin (Yono and the Celestial Elephants)

Interview with Niklas Hallin

First off, tell me about yourself? And tell me a little about Neckbolt? My name is Niklas and I live in Sweden. I create video games because my brain is too systematic for painting and too romantic for engineering! And I work by myself, coding, animating, writing and designing all on my lonesome, because as… Continue reading Interview with Niklas Hallin (Yono and the Celestial Elephants)

Interview with Mel Rowlands (AnimeLeague)

AnimeLeague Photo

First off tell me about yourself, and the core team at AnimeLeague? My name is Mel. I’m part of the organising team and my main job I Stage Management, so this ranges from getting guests (voice actors, cosplay guests etc), timetabling, running the stages and I run the social media pages. I also help with… Continue reading Interview with Mel Rowlands (AnimeLeague)

Author Interview: Jeremy Spires

Jeremy Spires Photo

Tell me about yourself? And what made you want to be a writer? I’m 30 years old, currently residing in Pasco, Washington. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 15 years old, and I’ve worked every day to try to be better, improving my vocabulary and technical writing skills. What attracted you… Continue reading Author Interview: Jeremy Spires

Interview with Abner Jackson III (AJ3Report)

Abner Jackson III Photo

First off, tell me about yourself? I’m from Sanford, Florida and a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida.  I moved to Atlanta, Georgia area seven years ago. I like travelling, eating at different restaurants, going to Broadway plays, attending sporting and media events. Of course, I like writing and thank you so much… Continue reading Interview with Abner Jackson III (AJ3Report)

Author Interview: John Ulrich

John Ulrich Author Photo

So First off, tell me about yourself? My first interest was music. I found I had the talent to write songs, so I worked for a recording studio doing lyrical arrangements for the customers that wanted to record their own songs. My ambition now is to write something that will eventually be turned into a… Continue reading Author Interview: John Ulrich

Interview with Publisher (Tanisha Mackin)

Tanisha Mackin Publishing Photo

How many manuscripts do you accept each month on average? On an average, I receive 5. Do any of the accepted manuscripts not move on to publishing? Knock on wood, every manuscript or client that I have accepted book has been published. What kind of genres etc are hot in the industry at large right… Continue reading Interview with Publisher (Tanisha Mackin)

Interview with Gary Copeland (Pixels Cafe)

pixels cafe logo

First off, tell me about yourselves? I’m Gary Copeland and my Partner is Kieran Morrell. We’ve been best mates for about 6 years now and are both lovers of board games, video games and nerd culture in general. I spent years in Retail working away in places like Gamestation (RIP) and GAME and early last… Continue reading Interview with Gary Copeland (Pixels Cafe)

Author Interview: Fjori Hysa

Interview with Fjori Hysa

Tell me about yourself? My name is Fjori Hysa. Born in 1990, from Albania. I graduated from physiotherapy with excellent grades. I love humans, I believe that Female is everything, she is just described,not compared. I also love writing, music, art, nature, reading, philosophy and animals. Now I'm writing my first book and hope to… Continue reading Author Interview: Fjori Hysa