Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Different

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Let me tell you a little bit about Djana Gabrielle, she’s a singer-songwriter based in Glasgow but originally from Cameroon, and she plays soulful indie/folk music. I’ve previously reviewed her work and you can check that out here. Also if you want to find out more about her then you can check out this interview… Continue reading Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Different

EP Review: FairFollies – Self-titled EP

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FairFollies are a Scottish Indie/Folk band made up of Craig Salter on Guitar/Vocals, Justin Caselton on Bass/Vocals, Rhiannon Garrity on Keys/Vocals and Kevin Dunne on Percussion. Today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled EP which was released on the 23rd February 2018. ‘Velvet and Blue’ has an amazing bassy intro, that is backed up by some… Continue reading EP Review: FairFollies – Self-titled EP

Solo Musician Interview: Adam Grant

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Where are you from? I am from a small town called Comber in Northern Ireland. Its a few miles outside Belfast. It's a small town, but we are famous for a few things. Thomas Andrews who designed the Titanic was born here, and also we are known worldwide for our Comber potatoes. How long have… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Adam Grant

Solo Musician Interview: Djana Gabrielle

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Djana Gabrielle is a very talented singer/songwriter from Cameroon whose music belongs to the indie/folk genre. Where are you from? I am originally from Cameroon, but I was born and raised in France. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? I have been playing guitar for about 20 years. I started playing on… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Djana Gabrielle

EP Review: Djana Gabrielle – That Very First Day

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Before I get started I want to say a little about the artist, Djana Gabrielle is an incredibly talented and not to mention lovely indie folk singer based in Glasgow, I got a chance to meet her while taking a course at the Glasgow Academy of Music and Sound and she was kind and dedicated… Continue reading EP Review: Djana Gabrielle – That Very First Day