Food Review: Daim (Various Flavours)

Daim is a chocolate confectionery product originally made by Swedish Chocolate brand Marabou, who later merged with Freia, their equivalent company in Norway, both companies were owned by Johan Throne Holst. This merged company continued to produce the various products including Daim, and in 1993 they were purchased by Kraft Foods, noted for brands such as … Continue reading Food Review: Daim (Various Flavours)

Food Review: ProFirst – Meal Replacement Bar (Various Flavours) 

ProFirst are a line of flavoured protein bars, designed as a meal supplement and/or replacement, I decided to pick them up out of curiosity and because they were on sale in my local Home Bargains for £1 each. I decided to go for one of each of the available flavours so that I could more … Continue reading Food Review: ProFirst – Meal Replacement Bar (Various Flavours)