Single Review: Heartstreets – Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)

Heartstreets single 'Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)' Artwork

Heartstreets Are an electronic influenced hip-hop & R&B duo from Canada made up of childhood friends Emma Beko and Gab Godon. Today I’ll be reviewing their single ‘Good Thing (feat. A-SHO) from their new album ‘Why Make Sense’. ‘Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)’ is packed with energy from the get go, it has this quirky, electronic… Continue reading Single Review: Heartstreets – Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)

Band Interview: Savona

Savona Band Photo

So first of how did you all meet? Well Wes and Gareth have been close friends for about 12 years and then we met other members of the band Ram & Pablo (before they left with work commitments) through a mutual friend in Edinburgh and the music blossomed from there. More recently we met the… Continue reading Band Interview: Savona

EP Review: In the Company of Souls – When Society Falls

In the Company of Souls EP 'When Society Falls' Artwork

In the Company of Souls are a hip-hop/rock duo from the Scottish borders and today I’ll be reviewing their latest EP ‘When Society Falls’ which was released on April 15th 2018. ‘Dog Whistle Politics’ opens with drums and what can only be described as a funky beat, I liked it, unexpected and works really well… Continue reading EP Review: In the Company of Souls – When Society Falls

Music Review: Savona – Demo Tracks

Savona Promo Image

Savona are an indie hip-hop fusion outfit from Glasgow and today i’ll be reviewing some tracks they have available on YouTube. ‘Green Or Blue Don't Matter’ kicks off right away, a smooth guitar supporting some sweet vocals, that get even better when they harmonise. The faster rap based sections change up the song and give… Continue reading Music Review: Savona – Demo Tracks

Album Review: Steg G and The Freestyle Master – Freedom Frequency

Steg G and The Freestyle Master Album ‘Freedom Frequency

Steg G (Steven Gilfoyle) is a Glasgow based hip-hop artist and DJ who works closely with Freestyle Master (Davie Mulhearn) another Glasgow based musician. Both of them came together to make the album I’ll be talking about today ‘Freedom Frequency’. I’ll also be Interviewing them both soon so keep an eye out for that, to… Continue reading Album Review: Steg G and The Freestyle Master – Freedom Frequency